Phasmophobia, Part 4 (1.24)

Season 1 | Episode 24
1h 41m | Nov 4, 2022

The full fury of c-169 has been unleashed, and our team finds themselves scattered. They are lost. They are afraid. And they are alone.

Hannes pulls the lever. Gavin breaks the glass. Ava takes the shot.

Content warnings for this episode are available on our website.

Thank you to our favorite sweet and tart sweetheart, CherrieSorbet, for creating this story’s incredible artwork! You can find all of her super cool stuff @cherriesorbet on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch.

Eli Schneider is our resident musical genius who composed our theme song and original music. Thanks a bunch, Eli!

In addition to our melodic voices and Eli’s sick beats, you’ll also hear fantastic pieces by Greyvoice in this episode! Specifically, “My Apartment is a Spaceship” and “Next Time Arrives.” Check out more of their stuff on Spotify and Bandcamp! 

Additional sounds/music obtained from, and the following creators:

(Some sounds have been altered from their original versions. A full list of the audio credits and licenses is available on our website.)

Dread was created by Epidiah Ravachol. Learn more about the game here!

Special thanks to David Jose, who created a virtual playspace of Dread

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