• Co-creating Epic Authentic Connections with Zac

    Wow, what an absolute gift to be able to share this conversation with my loverrrr Zac Taylor, who I have been sharing & weaving such a divine connection with since this summer!

    We are so inspired by our open, honest, present, growth-enhancing connection, with a shared intention to encourage & support each other's dreams & full expression, that we are thrilled to share some of the big moments, the challenge, the magic with you! We talk about some key parts of our connection that we feel have allowed it to be so beautiful, including where we were at beforehand; the importance of honesty; relating without expectations; being responsible for our own experience & remaining grounded, & being willing to let each other go... & the magic just keeps unfolding! I also share about my name change so stay tuned for that! We hope you enjoy! & we welcome feedback on what does/ doesn't resonate! Love from us x

    1h 4m - Dec 18, 2022
  • The Magic of Dance and Creating Intentional Spaces with Owen

    I'm so stoked to have had this conversation with Owen Davis, my great friend and long time facilitator of 'Just Dance', a conscious dance space that changed my life during my travels in Australia! Owen has been passionately JD'ing since near to it's inception nine years ago and holding this sacred space as a facilitator for 6 years! We are here to talk about our love of dance, our journey to discovering such intentional spaces, the power and magic they hold and what makes them such special spaces; embodiment, movement and music as medicine and our desire to share this magic with the world! Enjoy, be inspired to start up your own movement spaces and hit us up if you'd like guidance on setting up your own wonderful Just Dance! Be sure to check out my upcoming movement offerings at www.linktr.ee/nikkijoanne.

    51m - Sep 4, 2022
  • The Value of Community with Metta and Frank

    What an honour to share with you this conversation with my Aussie adopted parents, Metta and Frank! They are an amazing couple and integral part of their community and the one they welcomed me in to during a very special chapter when I lived with them during my travels. We talk about opening your arms to people in need, trusting people, living your authentic life, flowing and having diversity and the multi-faceted, rich life that connection to community enables. I will cherish my time with them forever! Put your feet up and enjoy this insightful conversation!

    1h 1m - May 22, 2022
  • Sisterhood as a Blanket to Unpick the three C's! Conditioning, Competition and Comparison

    Join me for this insightful, inspiring conversation with my Soul Sister Asheena Clarke <3 Asheena is a dear friend and an amazing intuitive tarot reader and hedge witch with lots of wisdom to share! Asheena and I passionately run a women’s circle together in the West Midlands, England, and are advocates for unpicking the societal conditioning that makes us see other women as a threat. We instead desire to foster authentic connections where we lift eachother up, celebrate and support eachother, and grow community, where everyone has a voice and a safe space to connect to their inner wise woman. Listen for exciting upcoming offerings in the realms of self-care, tarot and how to start a women’s circle! my website is www.nikkijoannewellness.wordpress.com and you can find us on insta @nikki.joanne; @asheena.clarke and @themoonlitpriestess; The Moonlit Priestess on Youtube.

    51m - May 7, 2022
  • Intentional Travel with Valentina

    Get yourself a brew and tune in as I delve in with my amazing Italian soul sister Valentina, to why we travel, what we've learned from our journeys so far, how it's helped us unlock parts of ourselves and release parts that aren't ours, some special inspiring reflections and how these experiences have shaped who we are, how we live and where we find ourselves now. Stay tuned to hear about our upcoming exciting soulful offerings! Valentina's role as a facilitator and teacher is to provide safe space for people to fully express their unique soul signature, and by doing so finally experience unconditional love for themselves and others, allowing us to become a conscious and soulful being as a collective. We met on a spiritual business online course and connected instantly, relating to eachothers' journeys, which inspired this episode!


    1h 7m - Apr 24, 2022
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