Co-creating Epic Authentic Connections with Zac

1h 4m | Dec 18, 2022

Wow, what an absolute gift to be able to share this conversation with my loverrrr Zac Taylor, who I have been sharing & weaving such a divine connection with since this summer!

We are so inspired by our open, honest, present, growth-enhancing connection, with a shared intention to encourage & support each other's dreams & full expression, that we are thrilled to share some of the big moments, the challenge, the magic with you! We talk about some key parts of our connection that we feel have allowed it to be so beautiful, including where we were at beforehand; the importance of honesty; relating without expectations; being responsible for our own experience & remaining grounded, & being willing to let each other go... & the magic just keeps unfolding! I also share about my name change so stay tuned for that! We hope you enjoy! & we welcome feedback on what does/ doesn't resonate! Love from us x

Conscious Cuppas