Sisterhood as a Blanket to Unpick the three C's! Conditioning, Competition and Comparison

51m | May 7, 2022

Join me for this insightful, inspiring conversation with my Soul Sister Asheena Clarke <3 Asheena is a dear friend and an amazing intuitive tarot reader and hedge witch with lots of wisdom to share! Asheena and I passionately run a women’s circle together in the West Midlands, England, and are advocates for unpicking the societal conditioning that makes us see other women as a threat. We instead desire to foster authentic connections where we lift eachother up, celebrate and support eachother, and grow community, where everyone has a voice and a safe space to connect to their inner wise woman. Listen for exciting upcoming offerings in the realms of self-care, tarot and how to start a women’s circle! my website is and you can find us on insta @nikki.joanne; @asheena.clarke and @themoonlitpriestess; The Moonlit Priestess on Youtube.

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