Intentional Travel with Valentina

1h 7m | Apr 24, 2022

Get yourself a brew and tune in as I delve in with my amazing Italian soul sister Valentina, to why we travel, what we've learned from our journeys so far, how it's helped us unlock parts of ourselves and release parts that aren't ours, some special inspiring reflections and how these experiences have shaped who we are, how we live and where we find ourselves now. Stay tuned to hear about our upcoming exciting soulful offerings! Valentina's role as a facilitator and teacher is to provide safe space for people to fully express their unique soul signature, and by doing so finally experience unconditional love for themselves and others, allowing us to become a conscious and soulful being as a collective. We met on a spiritual business online course and connected instantly, relating to eachothers' journeys, which inspired this episode!


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