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Exploring life, productivity, random thoughts, and business ideas. I love to get out there and create. Make something new and try new things – hence why I am finally trying podcasting. What will this be? First, it's a challenge to step out of my comfort zone, and hopefully, that can already inspire.


No. 31 / Corona and Trying to Stay Motivated
Show Details16min 14s
No. 30 / Connecting with People, Being Real, and Happy Alone
Show Details45min 25s
No. 29 / There Are Always New People
Show Details17min 6s
No. 28 / Ignore the Algorithm, Create What You Want, and Publish
Show Details18min 31s
No. 27 / Virtual Worlds and the Real Game Controller
Show Details11min 46s
No. 26 / Universal Base Income? Let's do it ourselves.
Show Details30min 42s
No. 25 / Focus and Attention — How to Regain Control Over Notifications and More
Show Details27min 43s
No. 24 / Unapologetic makes you execute.
Show Details33min 5s
No. 23 / Exploring the Shiny Object Syndrome
Show Details27min 10s
No. 22 / You Cannot Hide Behind Other People’s Projects | Expand Your Comfort Zone
Show Details15min 33s
No. 21 / Rereading the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
Show Details30min 11s
No. 20 / Lofty Goals in 2020 — When It Feels Like You Can't Get There.
Show Details23min 14s
No. 19 / How Review the Past Year and Am Planning 2020
Show Details46min 25s
No. 18 / End of Year Life Update — Ending 2019 and Searching for a New, More Confident, Self
Show Details32min 52s
No. 17 / September Life Update — Finding Confidence and Letting go of Doubts
Show Details23min 6s
No. 16 / Robert Reppel on Software Engineering and the Importance of Natural Language
Show Details1hr 5min
No. 15 / Niko Emran über die Deutsche Startup Welt und Einstein1 in Hof
Show Details1hr 56min
No. 14 / Leaving the Consumption Rat Race, Deep Work, and New Podcasting Gear
Show Details30min 8s
No. 13 / Documenting the Process, Consumption Minimalism, and Journeying to More Self Knowing
Show Details35min 29s
No. 12 / Comfort, Work, Procrastination, Growth, Responsibility, and Virtue
Show Details28min 5s
No. 11 / What Would Happen if We Would Publish as if We Are Already Dead?
Show Details6min 44s
No. 10 / Rant Against Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
Show Details11min 59s
No. 9 / Make The Real World Your Game
Show Details10min 34s
No. 8 / What's going on? Why the Break? What now?
Show Details8min 13s
No. 7 / High Above with an Airplane View
Show Details10min 20s
No. 6 / Real Talk — Breaking Free From Shame & Judgement
Show Details11min 54s
No. 5 / Contemplations About Building Homebases
Show Details10min 35s
No. 4 / Giving Felt Small Yet Significant
Show Details6min 54s
No. 3 / Creating for Myself
Show Details10min 42s
No. 2 / Sometimes Not the Boss
Show Details9min 7s
No. 1 / Let's Get the Ball Rolling
Show Details6min 40s