• Ep. 54: Louisville football vs. FSU preview with GG Robinson | Talking basketball schedules with Grant Weinman + A MASSIVE announcement

    1:00 Recapping Notre Dame and previewing FSU with GG Robinson

    41:00 Previewing the Season with Grant Weinman

    55:00 The most important announcement in BRL History!

    1h 2m - Oct 22, 2020
  • Episode 53: Can Louisville Actually Beat Notre Dame

    Louisville football is in the first real rut of the Scott Satterfield era. Jacob and Presley voice their displeasure, but also give fans reason to be optimistic going forward.

    PLUS Presley quizzes Jacob on his Notre Dame knowledge, and we discuss how the Cardinals could spring the upset against the Irish.

    33m - Oct 16, 2020
  • Episode 52: Louisville Has Our Curiosity Aroused

    Hosts Jacob Lane and Presley Meyer return to talk all things Louisville Sports. Don't miss out on a discussion about the five most intriguing players from the Louisville basketball roster in 2020 + an in-depth preview of Louisville Football vs. Georgia Tech! 

    41m - Oct 8, 2020
  • Episode 51: Are You A Chicken?

    Hosts Jacob Lane and Presley Meyer react to Chris Mack's social video directed to Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari on a new episode of the Big Red Louie Podcast. They discuss why the video happened the first place and why it may signal how Mack feels about his team, play a round of "questions our wives ask," and whether it puts the pressure on Louisville or Kentucky to win on December 26th. SEE YA IN THE KFC YUM! CENTER.

    19m - Oct 1, 2020
  • Episode 50: We Made it to 50 with GG Robinson & Seth Dawkins

    Host Presley Meyer sits down with former Louisville football stars GG Robinson and Seth Dawkins to break down the highs and lows of the Cards loss to Miami, preview Pittsburgh and what must be done against one of the top defenses in football, as well as discuss what college athletes can do during these difficult times of social injustice and what a platform can change. 

    38m - Sep 25, 2020
  • Special Feature: Previewing Miami & Talking Louisville Football with Harry Douglas
    Big Red Louie Podcast host Jacob Land sits down with former Louisville great, Harry Douglas, to talk all things Louisville football in 2020 and preview the big game against Miami. Harry recounts the matchups with Miami in 2004 and 2006, and how the win against the Hurricanes was the best birthday gift he could've asked for and talks about how he envisions Miami will deal with Tutu Atwell, Micale Cunningham, and the speed of the Cardinals defense. You don't want to miss this!
    24m - Sep 18, 2020
  • Episode 49: Learning From Mistakes with G.G. Robinson
    Hosts Presley Meyer and Jacob Lane are back with former defensive tackle GG Robinson to break down Louisville's win over Western Kentucky and preview the big time College Gameday matchup between Louisville and Miami. Don't miss:

    - GG's big takeaways
    - How Louisville's staff deals with teaching from mistakes
    - Why the special teams struggles weren't all on the punting mishaps
    - GG's memories from College Game Day & how it can impact performance on the field
    - Biggest thing that has to be done against Miami
    - Predictions + more!
    39m - Sep 16, 2020
  • Episode 48: Louisville Football is Officially Back with G.G. Robinson
    Football is back and Big Red Louie Podcast hosts Jacob Lane and Presley Meyer are joined by former Louisville defensive lineman GG Robinson to talk about all things Louisville football.
    - What GG's been up to since his carer came to an end at Louisville
    - Why it took him longer than some to buy in defensively
    - The impact of four defensive coordinators in five years
    - Biggest takeaway from his career
    - Getting adjusted to a new staff and how the season became to be special
    - A defensive player GG can't wait to watch + what to expect from Jared Goldwire
    - The inside story on the evolution of Malik Cunningham
    - What Louisville did well against WKU last year and what you can expect this season
    - A great Lamar Jackson story you need to hear
    32m - Sep 10, 2020
  • Episode 47: Louisville Recruiting Reset with Dalton Pence
    The Big Red Louie Podcast returns with hosts Jacob Lane and Presley Meyer who are joined by BRL recruiting expert Dalton Pence. The gang resets the recruiting boards for both Louisville basketball and Louisville football and talks about new names, what could change in the coming months, what is needed, and much much more.
    50m - Aug 24, 2020
  • Episode 46: The Magic Word is Bubble
    Jacob, Alex, and Presley are back talking about live sports! They discuss Jack Harlow getting Lou Williams of the Clippers in trouble, the NBA bubble, the options for a potential college football season, and the NBA Combine invites.
    44m - Jul 30, 2020
  • Episode 45: Recruiting Wins and Rick Pitino's Big Idea
    Jacob Lane and Alex Stengel return for episode 45 to discuss a variety of topics including Kanye West's big day, celebrating six years in the ACC, expansion on the horizon, Rick Pitino's big idea, why we should have never doubted Chris Mack, and the best class ever could be happening for Scott Satterfield.
    1h 0m - Jul 4, 2020
  • Episode 44.5: 'Keith You Awake?' with Mike Rutherford & Keith Wynne
    After talking basketball, Card Chronicle's Keith Wynne & Mike Rutherford joined Jacob, Presley, and Alex to talk Louisville football. Mike tells us whether he's buying the hype, Keith geeks out over height/weight and recruiting, and everyone gives their favorite Louisville sports duo of all time.
    34m - Jun 26, 2020
  • Episode 44: Dudes Being Dudes With Card Chronicle
    Card Chronicle's Keith Wynne and Mike Rutherford joined Jacob, Presley, and Alex on the Big Red Louie Podcast to talk Louisville basketball and fatherhood.
    49m - Jun 26, 2020
  • Episode 43: The Mack Hangover Podcast With Will Reddington
    Host, Jacob Lane is joined by Alex Stengel and Will Reddington of the Redd Talk Podcast to react to the BRL exlusive sit-down with Chris Mack as well talk:

    - How to handle starting a new conversation with someone you forgot to text back
    - The NBA is back in a very NBA way
    - Details of the 9-phase return to action and why not being able to play doubles ping-pong may be a dealbreaker for one player
    - The snitch line is introduced, who calls first?
    - Biggest takeaway from Chris Mack conversation
    - Did Chris Mack ever get this excited last year?
    - Louisville football recruiting is on fire
    - Which do you prefer: Sheuder Sanders committing now or later?
    47m - Jun 19, 2020
  • Big Red Louie Podcast Exclusive: One-on-One with Louisville Basketball's Chris Mack
    Louisville basketball head coach Chris Mack joined Jacob Lane, Presley Meyer, and Alex Stengel on the Big Red Louie Podcast for an exclusive look into the offseason and look ahead to Team 107. The gang discussed with Coach Mack:

    - The wing sauce of choice at Roosters
    - How Coach Mack, staff, and players have dealt with the pandemic and the "new normal"
    - Coach Mack's reflects on former Xavier guard & Eastern High School Product, Remy Abell
    - Cincinnati is back; Inside the decision to add the Bearcats to the schedule + Would Coach Mack ever schedule Xavier?
    - How the NCAA's impending decision has impacted recruiting + how the program may deal with it
    - How Coach Mack thinks youth will impact the 2020-21 season
    - Why one surprise player could be capable of playing the five due to his "freak athleticism and length"
    - Will Louisville use the final scholarship for 2020?
    - Coach Mack gives his best life advice to the gang & much more!
    30m - Jun 17, 2020
  • Episode 42: 'Crootin Update with Corey Evans of Rivals
    Jacob Lane and Alex Stengel are joined by Rivals National Basketball Recruiting Analyst, Corey Evans, to talk about Louisville basketball and much more.

    - How recruiting has changed right in front of our eyes in 2020
    - Corey's analysis of Bobby Pettiford Jr. and what he brings to the Cards
    - Why Chris Mack's system may be about to change
    - Louisville sitting pretty with multiple '21 stars
    - How Chris Mack and staff are thriving even in the midst of impending NCAA punishment
    - Why the Oklahoma State news is bad for Louisville
    - Corey thinks Louisville's sophomore are in store for a big season
    - Why struggles in 2020 were simply bad luck
    - How Louisville can still have quality recruiting classes even if there is severe punishment
    40m - Jun 12, 2020
  • Episode 41: Draft Talk with NBA Analyst Matt Babcock
    In episode 41, Jacob Lane and Presley Meyer are joined by NBA Draft Analyst and former agent Matt Babcock of BabcockHoops.com to discuss:

    - How pandemic will affect the draft and players preparing
    - Growing up in a basketball family & the transition from being an agent to working in media
    - Where Jordan Nwora fits in the NBA and why he could go in the first round
    - Does Matt agree with Jacob's assessment of Jordan?
    - The NBA comparison Jacob won't stop talking about
    - Jay Scrubb's future in the NBA
    - David Johnson one of the most intruiging players next year
    - Who sits at the top of Matt's big board?
    - The most intriguing player in the 2020 draft
    - Matt's thoughts on Donovan Mitchell's long-term future
    - Who has the most pressure to win this year's title should the NBA continue
    39m - Jun 3, 2020
  • Episode 40: All Gas No Brakes with Greg Fitzpatrick
    Greg Fitzpatrick, father of Louisville football receivers Dez and Christian Fitzpatrick, and wide receiver guru joins Jacob Lane and Alex Stengel to discuss a variety of topics surrounding football:
    - Life in quarantine
    - Dez & Christian haven't missed a beat during the pandemic
    - How the return to campus will work for Dez & Christian
    - Favorite memories from 2019
    - Louisville just one "killer ass" recruiting class away from dominating
    - How the culture has shifted so quickly
    - Why Greg believes Scott Satterfield was a godsend to the Louisville football program
    - Christian Fitzpatrick in a unique position to see the field early
    - What Dez Fitzpatrick is teaching his younger brother
    - Greg wants Clemson
    - The one game circled on the schedule
    - Greg loves to watch Rodjay Burns & Louisville's secondary
    - The decision for Dez Fitzpatrick to return
    - Greg's advice to Dez about his senior season and what draft scouts want to see in 2021
    52m - Jun 1, 2020
  • Episode 39: Everyone's Buying Stock in the Louisville Offense
    Host Presley Meyer is joined by Alex Stengel for Episode 39.
    - Best moments from The Match: Tiger/Peyton vs. Phil/TB12
    - Vince Tyra's latest decisions show sports may be on the horizon
    - Incoming freshman defensive lineman did what now?
    - Underrated offensive players for the Cards in 2020
    - Talking about guys who aren't being talked about
    - New ingredients on offense could make huge difference
    - Looking at the B.O.B.'s aka the offensive line
    - How will the depth chart play out?
    - Alex's life advice for living quarantine
    59m - May 27, 2020
  • Episode 38: How Louisville Football Plans to Stay "Wynning" with Keith Wynne Pt. 2
    The deep dive into the Louisville football program continues with Keith Wynne of Card Chronicle. Jacob, Alex, and Keith discuss:
    - How important fit is for the Louisville football staff in recruiting
    - What the new mold at Quarterback looks like on the recruiting trail
    - How the recruiting has already elevated in two years
    - Louisville's reloading on defense - watch out
    - How are the best players on the board for 2021?
    - Who is the most dratable player on Louisville's roster?
    - How many guys go in the 2021 NFL Draft
    50m - May 27, 2020
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