Episode 42: 'Crootin Update with Corey Evans of Rivals

40m | Jun 12, 2020
Jacob Lane and Alex Stengel are joined by Rivals National Basketball Recruiting Analyst, Corey Evans, to talk about Louisville basketball and much more.

- How recruiting has changed right in front of our eyes in 2020
- Corey's analysis of Bobby Pettiford Jr. and what he brings to the Cards
- Why Chris Mack's system may be about to change
- Louisville sitting pretty with multiple '21 stars
- How Chris Mack and staff are thriving even in the midst of impending NCAA punishment
- Why the Oklahoma State news is bad for Louisville
- Corey thinks Louisville's sophomore are in store for a big season
- Why struggles in 2020 were simply bad luck
- How Louisville can still have quality recruiting classes even if there is severe punishment
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