Episode 43: The Mack Hangover Podcast With Will Reddington

47m | Jun 19, 2020
Host, Jacob Lane is joined by Alex Stengel and Will Reddington of the Redd Talk Podcast to react to the BRL exlusive sit-down with Chris Mack as well talk:

- How to handle starting a new conversation with someone you forgot to text back
- The NBA is back in a very NBA way
- Details of the 9-phase return to action and why not being able to play doubles ping-pong may be a dealbreaker for one player
- The snitch line is introduced, who calls first?
- Biggest takeaway from Chris Mack conversation
- Did Chris Mack ever get this excited last year?
- Louisville football recruiting is on fire
- Which do you prefer: Sheuder Sanders committing now or later?
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