Big Red Louie Podcast Exclusive: One-on-One with Louisville Basketball's Chris Mack

30m | Jun 17, 2020
Louisville basketball head coach Chris Mack joined Jacob Lane, Presley Meyer, and Alex Stengel on the Big Red Louie Podcast for an exclusive look into the offseason and look ahead to Team 107. The gang discussed with Coach Mack:

- The wing sauce of choice at Roosters
- How Coach Mack, staff, and players have dealt with the pandemic and the "new normal"
- Coach Mack's reflects on former Xavier guard & Eastern High School Product, Remy Abell
- Cincinnati is back; Inside the decision to add the Bearcats to the schedule + Would Coach Mack ever schedule Xavier?
- How the NCAA's impending decision has impacted recruiting + how the program may deal with it
- How Coach Mack thinks youth will impact the 2020-21 season
- Why one surprise player could be capable of playing the five due to his "freak athleticism and length"
- Will Louisville use the final scholarship for 2020?
- Coach Mack gives his best life advice to the gang & much more!
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