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Bare Minimum Babe

Welcome to the Bare Minimum Babe™ podcast hosted by singer-songwriter Amanda Cunningham! Bare Minimum Babe™ is an anti-hustle, chill TF out, woman-hyping-up approach to life and business to hone down to the most important things in your life and say "F all that other noise," and to support and build other women around you up so that we can all rise together. 

Being a Bare Minimum Babe can help you figure out what you actually value in your life and how to get more out of those valuable things and cut out the invaluable in an anti-hustle mindset where you can actually listen to your energy and body. Told through the lens of fast-talking, witty personal stories from a former Digital Marketing Manager turned singer-songwriter.


EPISODE 3: You’re not original and that’s okay, it’s hip to be square
Show Details31min 33s
EPISODE 2: Thing 1 vs Thing 2: Making tough choices…not as cute and fun as Dr. Seuss made it seem
Show Details43min 24s
EPISODE 1: Why and how I decided to follow my energy to create Bare Minimum Babe
Show Details28min 34s