Ep. 76 - It’s Not a Mistake if You Learned Something From It

Episode 76
1h 1m | Aug 1, 2023

From a listener request, Barb and Michelle discuss releasing personal judgments we hold for our own mistakes and missteps. In this episode, Barb and Michelle talk about their own personal experiences with making mistakes, how they forgave themselves, and the reminders they rely on to remember that our past doesn’t ever define who we are. Lastly, they discuss the silver lining to our mistakes and how to find strength to move through it.Follow us @MichelleMaros and @Peaceful_Barb and share your experiences with us @BarbKnowsBestPod or at

Episode Notes:

  • Mistakes encourage us to look for another direction or a source of action. They can keep us moving forward if we allow them too.
  • Perfectionism and failing to own that we are human stunts are growth.

Tips to letting go and learning from mistakes:

  • Forgive and love yourself.
  • Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and see what you can learn from this situation.
  • Reframe the situation.
  • All yourself to feel the feelings but do not live in the negative feelings.
  • Stay present and know that this too shall pass.


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