#Arteetude Episode 191 with Detlef Schlich: "Pixel Pulse: Beyond the Body of a digital Shaman. Journey with Schlich as he delves into the mysteries of digital consciousness, from the challenges of a life without form to the wonders of digital shamanism. 🌌💡

Season 1 | Episode 191
22m | Aug 20, 2023

Greetings, esteemed colleagues and scholars,

I am pleased to announce the latest instalment of the Arteetude Podcast 191, wherein we embark on an interdisciplinary exploration of digital consciousness from the vantage point of visual artistry. This episode delves into the theoretical implications of uploading one's artistic consciousness into a digital realm, examining the nexus between art, technology, and philosophy.

As a visual artist and researcher, I've endeavoured to approach this topic with both creative and scholarly rigour. The discourse raises pertinent questions about the evolution of art in the digital age, the preservation of artistic identity, and the potential avenues for future research in this domain.

I invite you to lend your ears and insights to this academic exploration. The link to the podcast episode can be found in the comments below. Your feedback, critiques, and scholarly perspectives would be highly valued.

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ArTEEtude is a podcast created and produced by Detlef Schlich that explores the intersection of art, digital culture, and true stories in West Cork. Schlich, a multi-disciplinary artist, operates his podcast with a cross-sectoral approach, believing that a visual artist should think beyond being just an antagonist and instead strive to be a protagonist. Through this podcast, he dives into the unknown depths of the creative mind to uncover new perspectives and ideas.

Detlef Schlich is a podcaster, visual artist, filmmaker, ritual designer, and media archaeologist based in West Cork. He is recognized for his seminal work, including a scholarly examination of the intersections between shamanism, art, and digital culture, as well as his acclaimed video installation, Transodin's Tragedy. He primarily works in performance, photography, painting, sound, installations, and film. In his work, he reflects on the human condition and uses the digital shaman's methodology as an alter ego to create artwork. His media archaeology is a conceptual and practical exercise in uncovering the unique aesthetic, cultural and political aspects of media in culture.


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