#Arteetude 227: 🌟 "Shared Visions, Enduring Memories: My Creative Journey with Corina Thornton" 🌟

Season 1 | Episode 227
28m | Apr 28, 2024

In this week's episode of "ArTEEtude," titled "Shared Visions, Enduring Memories: My Creative Journey with Corina Thornton," I open up about the irreplaceable loss of my dear friend and collaborator, Corina. We've shared countless moments where her vision and passion for art profoundly influenced not just the works we created but also enriched my personal life and perspective.


Up to the Sky. Up into the Universe!

Corina was not just a fellow artist; she was a beacon of inspiration in our community, always pushing the boundaries of creativity and companionship. I've poured my heart into this episode, sharing stories that I hold dear, and celebrating the legacy of a remarkable soul whose life was a testament to the transformative power of art.

Follow the links below to see some cherished moments with Corina.

World Saving: Art - A Social Performance by Detlef Schlich and Friends 2012/13

Camera: Owen Kelly, Alex Reissdorfer, Mick Eile

The Magic Forest Keeper: Thomas Wiegandt

The firestarter: Pim Wijnmaalen

The colour thrower: Corina Thornton

The drag queens: Suzanne, David and Jens

The instinctor: Detlef Schlich

Detlef Schlich & Corina Thornton in a visual essay about the human condition in times of transhumanism.

The Last Human - Part 2 - Transcending Reality

The Last Human - Part 3 - Mystical Engineers

‘Transodin's Tragedy' is a Film installation/artistic performance, exploring the emerging phenomenon of transhumanism in our digital age. Transodin represents a mythical character and a contemporary manifestation of transhumanism. He embodies the symbiotic relationship between human experience and technology. Boundaries between human beings and technology are lost in the 21. Century. Transodin's journey invites you to explore this fatalistic relationship in which humans are losing their spirituality, this journey is a triptych, where Transodin bears witness to the birth of a Transhuman.

Transodin – Detlef Schlich

The first Transhuman - Corina Thornton

Transodin´s Tragedy Part II - The Fall of Humanism

Transodin´s Tragedy Part III - The Acceptance of Fatalism


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