ArTEEtude Episode #221: The Odyssey of Digital Consciousness with Detlef Schlich

Season 1 | Episode 221
22m | Mar 17, 2024

Today, in Episode #221, 'Navigating the Digital Current: From Calculation to Digital Consciousness,' we dive deeper into the waters of the digital era. We've observed how the development of the Polaroid, with its magical blend of chemistry and light, served as a poignant allegory for human advancement. Now, we shift our gaze to the realm of calculation, where numbers, algorithms, and data not only shape our understanding of the world but begin to define the very essence of our reality.

As we stand on the shores of this digital expanse, we'll explore how the transition from physical development to digital calculation has transformed every facet of our lives—from the way we communicate and create, to how we perceive identity and consciousness itself. What does it mean to live in a world where our experiences, memories, and even our emotions can be digitized, analyzed, and reimagined? How has the shift to digital calculation altered our relationship with the natural world, our societies, and with ourselves?

Detlef Schlich is a podcaster, visual artist, filmmaker, ritual designer, and media archaeologist based in West Cork. He is recognized for his seminal work, including a scholarly examination of the intersections between shamanism, art, and digital culture, as well as his acclaimed video installation, Transodin's Tragedy. He primarily works in performance, photography, painting, sound, installations, and film. In his work, he reflects on the human condition and uses the digital shaman's methodology as an alter ego to create artwork. His media archaeology is a conceptual and practical exercise in uncovering the unique aesthetic, cultural and political aspects of media in culture.


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