#Arteetude Episode 192 with Detlef Schlich: "From Brainwaves to Digital Caves: The Quest to Decode Our Inner Cosmos". 🌌 Journey alongside the visual artist Schlich as we explore the fascinating world of digital consciousness, from the whimsical challenges of uploading our essence to the enchanting realm of digital shamanism. 🧠✨

Season 1 | Episode 192
24m | Aug 27, 2023

Arteetude Episode 192: In this episode, titled "From Brainwaves to Digital Caves: The Quest to Decode Our Inner Cosmos," we embark on an interdisciplinary exploration into the realm of digital consciousness. Drawing parallels between historical philosophical inquiries and contemporary technological advancements, the discourse delves into the challenges and implications of digitizing human consciousness. By juxtaposing traditional shamanistic practices with the concept of digital shamanism, the episode offers a nuanced perspective on the evolving relationship between humanity and the digital frontier.

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ArTEEtude is a podcast created and produced by Detlef Schlich that explores the intersection of art, digital culture, and true stories in West Cork. Schlich, a multi-disciplinary artist, operates his podcast with a cross-sectoral approach, believing that a visual artist should think beyond being just an antagonist and instead strive to be a protagonist. Through this podcast, he dives into the unknown depths of the creative mind to uncover new perspectives and ideas.

Detlef Schlich is a podcaster, visual artist, filmmaker, ritual designer, and media archaeologist based in West Cork. He is recognized for his seminal work, including a scholarly examination of the intersections between shamanism, art, and digital culture, as well as his acclaimed video installation, Transodin's Tragedy. He primarily works in performance, photography, painting, sound, installations, and film. In his work, he reflects on the human condition and uses the digital shaman's methodology as an alter ego to create artwork. His media archaeology is a conceptual and practical exercise in uncovering the unique aesthetic, cultural and political aspects of media in culture.


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