Episode 91
1h 19m | Mar 8, 2024

Look at those lil’ Solar-Bs go! “There is a Legend.” Smokey Robinson helps shed some light on that legend. But, does he? Daniel (Lukas Haas) uncovers it in an old mine. Jason (Jason Patric), Terra (Jami Gertz) and the rest of the Solarbabies just want freedom – and water. And, they probably want new lives and a lot of other stuff, so they help get this legend going Solar-B style! Grock (Richard Jordan) and his evil M. Bison crew (which includes Fake Johnny) detest the sphere of Longinus. It really grates their orphanage potatoes. They want to laser it! There is a lot of Bohdai glow-fun nonetheless, and cousin Chodai makes many appearances. RTS goes pathfinding with Darstar (Adrian Pasdar) and his cool-as-hell owl. La-Mar affixes sturdy plastic flashlights to his boot-skates and zooms into the desert land. Later at night, let’s all hold hands and orb-circ - at least until the water is free for all. “There is a legend.”

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