The Crow

Episode 99
1h 39m | May 3, 2024

Based on the cult graphic novel by James O’Barr. After being brutally murdered alongside his fiancée, Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) comes back from the dead one year later. His purpose back on earth is to track down each of these lowlife, murderous garbage people and exact bloody vengeance upon them. In the background we have officer Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) investigating all these crimes while constantly being told to stay out of it. Sarah (Rochelle Davis), a child friend of the deceased couple, is also trying to piece this all together. Meanwhile, crime, led by Michael Wincott, is high, and the rain is relentless. The epic 90s soundtrack and score tie it all together. Hey, is that Candyman? RTS rock out on the rooftops as the sun sets. La-Mar, Jeremy and Collin make sure they duck out of the rain to become professional hotdoggers. Emily makes her Rabbit Troop Sucks debut just in time before Motor City burns down on Devil’s Night. It was a tragic loss to lose Brandon Lee and in such a way. For everyone who worked on this film, this must have been emotionally difficult to finish and release. Definitely something that should be considered when viewing it. 

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Rabbit Troop Sucks