Romancing the Stone

Episode 101
1h 23m | May 17, 2024

Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) is a popular romance author who gets a crash course in nonfiction when she has to save her kidnapped sister by delivering a treasure map to the criminal duo Ralph (Danny DeVito) and Ira (Zack Norman) in Columbia. Luckily, somewhat foolhardy, yet trustworthy, Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) shows up and agrees (for money) to guide Joan, which helps her find herself in her own adventure. Oh boy, are there going to be some crocodiles! Romance as well! Romance and crocodiles! Juan (Alfonso Arau) is a huge fan of Joan’s writing! Let’s go jungle-trucking with him! Meanwhile, Zolo (Manuel Ojeda) is going to mustache-knife his way to that treasure. RTS are intrigued by the cave tchotchke and boating in downtown New York. Collin, Jeremy and La-Mar go mud-sliding with the best of them and find secret jungle-plane tequila. Maybe this is where the pudding rings come from. This film is an adventure worthy of everyone’s time! In the end, friends celebrate Mother’s Day/week with some Voodoo Doughnuts, mimosas and a fun flick. You should too!

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