Episode 92
1h 24m | Mar 15, 2024

What do you do when you catch a bad case of the Firewalker? Oh, wait! This might be for something else. This is all about gold! There is a mix of Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian and Apache gold all in one area! If that seems strange and improbable, maybe that’s the Firewalker talking! Loveable and adventurous scamps, Max Donigan (Chuck Norris) and Leo Porter (Louis Gossett Jr.) team up with Patricia Goodwin (Melody Anderson) to follow a magical dagger and her visions to that sweet, sweet cave of gold. When things seem down, Corky Taylor (John Rhys-Davies) shows up! Is this a bit of DeJa’Vu? YES! Yes it is! RTS chills with Tall Eagle (Will Sampson) and wonders if any of that promised treasure will come his way. Jeremy, Collin and La-Mar summon ancestral supernatural powers with El Coyote (Sonny Landham). Between the numerous bar stops and jungle runs, director J. Lee Thompson will get us to that gold! At least we hope. 

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Rabbit Troop Sucks