Episode 90
1h 36m | Mar 1, 2024

It feels good (for us) to be home. Welcome to the Rocky Mountains! Gabe Walker (Sylvester Stallone), aka Cliff Hanger, doesn’t own decent gloves and doesn’t have his strong hands, so when he drops Hal’s (Michael Rooker) gal pal, they become a couple of grumps towards each other. He’s been working in Denver ever since, but now he’s back. When Jessie (Janine Turner) isn’t complicating the life of Dr. Joel Fleischman or brushing horses, she’s flying a rescue helicopter and trying to make things work with Gabe. All of this takes another turn when it rains thousand-dollar bills and Eric Qualen (John Lithgow) and his villainous accent create more than just avalanches. Richard Travers (Rex Linn) cannot swear his way out of any of this! RTS will be creating art with Frank (Ralph Waite) and smiling all along the way. Jeremy, Collin and La-Mar burn stacks of money to stay warm and to prove that they can. Get your drinks ready with “Damn-a-ta with a twist of impalement.” That’s right! For every utterance of “damn,” and for any impalement, drink! We hope you can HANG in there! You get it! Cliff believes in you! So does gravity! 

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