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Wanderers and Prisoners

Antonio T. Smith, Jr., Masters of Arts and Theological Studies, teaches masters-level theology to his Assembly of Wanderers and inmates from the C.T. Terrell Unit, 1300 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583

In this podcast, you will hear from actual inmates and their questions and from preachers and teachers. Consider this podcast seminary for Wanderers and Prisoners.

To donate to the podcast, which helps feeds the prisoners and gets them toiletries visit: https://donorbox.org/wanderers-and-prisoners-podcast

Requests and Suggestions

If you want to ask questions about prison life or praise a specific inmate you have heard, or words of comfort to to anyone or everyone please text 409-500-1546. To be featured on this podcast text the same number. 


God Will Find You With Robert Boswell
Show Details13min 28s
First Time Hearing Feedback
Show Details1hr 52min
We Just Want To Be Productive with Antonio Theodore Smith
Show Details26min 56s
Did I Really Forgive with Martin Ybarra
Show Details22min 24s
Being Present With Robert Boswell
Show Details22min 24s
Trying Not To Kill Myself with Michael Tinsley
Show Details58min 4s
ep 14 Group Economics And Extreme Execution with Eric Thomas Ph D
Show Details35min 15s
ep13 The Forgiveness of The Cross - John 20
Show Details40min 15s
ep12 Bear With One Another Colossians 3:13
Show Details32min 52s
ep11 Forgive Them Past Your Pain Luke 6:27
Show Details25min 32s
ep10 Forgive or Be Useless - Luke 6:27-31
Show Details34min 1s
ep9 You Have To Believe - Ephesians 1:19
Show Details24min 52s
ep 8 Worry About Yourself - 1 Thessalonians 4:9-10
Show Details31min 24s
ep7 Forgiveness Makes You Unstoppable -Ephesians 4:32
Show Details1hr 2min
ep6 I Receive It- Philippians 4:19
Show Details26min 30s
ep 5 How To Get God To Bless You - Psalm 37:3-4 Proverbs 16:3
Show Details36min
ep4 God Doesnt Make Sense 1 Kings 17
Show Details39min 46s
ep3 Mistreating God - Matthew 24:40
Show Details30min 34s
ep2 Being Around Good People Mark 4:35-41
Show Details33min 43s
ep1 Creating An Economy Jer. 27-4-7
Show Details41min 34s