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Victoria's Thoughts

Hi Girls :') , this is my podcast where I speak on the truths and understandings I've come to know regarding Sexuality, Relationships, Femininity, Embodiment, Dating, Healing, and all things Women. Enjoy :)


Death of the Chill Girl + How to Stop Looking for Male Validation
Show Details26min 45s
How I Healed My Period: from painful to painless periods
Show Details38min 47s
How to Heal Your Inner Child
Show Details36min 11s
Talking Stage Tips For The Embodied Woman
Show Details37min 15s
How To Heal Your Anxious Attachment
Show Details37min 27s
How To Heal Your Womb: yoni massage, healing sexual trauma, ancestral work, embodied sexuality
Show Details49min 7s
Everything You Need To Know About Veganism
Show Details59min 6s
How To Set & Hold Boundaries
Show Details33min 7s
Zero Tolerance For Low Quality Men & Healing Jealousy
Show Details40min 36s
How to Release Shame from Past Sexual Experiences
Show Details25min 50s
Why You Should Stop Watching Porn
Show Details48min 24s
Valuable Men Don't Like Other Girls Pictures
Show Details18min 8s
Healthy Relationships: getting into them & what they entail
Show Details36min 13s
Staying in Your Body While Making Friends
Show Details21min 17s
Alignment Over Manifestation
Show Details20min 26s
Feminine Rage and True Masculinity ft My Man
Show Details21min 17s
The Way to True, Embodied Femininity
Show Details40min 54s
Stop Trying To Save People: Part 2
Show Details25min 41s
Why We Eroticize Our Wounds
Show Details21min 34s
Masculinity in Men: What it Really Looks Like
Show Details15min 33s
How to Leave a Toxic Man
Show Details24min 36s
Faking Orgasms and All the Other Ways We Hide From Ourselves
Show Details27min 18s
Accepting & Loving the parts of yourself that you've labelled "unworthy"
Show Details35min 40s
Stop trying to "save" people- it's not real
Show Details42min 27s
The Masculine Shield: why we carry it as women, and why we should put it down
Show Details25min 44s