REPOST: VCREP #16 | Is Kamloops BC's Next Big Real Estate Market to Invest In with Bryan Pilbeam

50m | Jul 19, 2023

*Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in August 2021*

Ever wish you could go back in time and buy as much Vancouver real estate as you could in 2003? It may not be too buy into what could be BC's next real estate market set to boom: Kamloops. This week, Cory and Matt welcome Bryan Pilbeam, Vice President of Invictus Properties, to discuss everything Kamloops including Bryan's latest commercial project set to regenerate downtown Kamloops, The Hive. COVID19 has made working remotely the norm and has allowed both employers and employees to relook at where they call home and cities like Kamloops are right ready to boom.

Learn what industries are thriving and what's next for one of BC's largest Okanagan towns. Plus, Bryan breaks down the difference between Kelowna and Kamloops and you would be surprised with how much they differ.

Enjoy the first of a four-part mini series highlighting some of BC's best investment opportunities outside of the Lower Mainland.

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