VCREP #130 | Building Success: Unraveling Orion Construction's Triumph

Episode 130
49m | Apr 10, 2024

Tune in as Cory and Matt invite Cameron Archer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Orion Construction.

Cameron is here to unpack the secrets behind the company's remarkable success. Cameron shares the fascinating journey of Orion Construction, a relatively new player in the construction landscape, and how they've managed to excel in a competitive market. From leveraging his background in managing industrial projects to nurturing client relationships, Cameron provides unique perspectives and creative solutions that have propelled Orion Construction to new heights.

Also... listen in to learn how you can enter our Nickelback ticket draw, front row to then featured on the show. Then to top if all off the possibility of a meet and greet with Adam Scalena! 

Don't miss out on this episode filled with valuable insights and exciting opportunities!

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