• VCREP #99 | Is Calgary a Better Real Estate Investment than BC? with Lori Suba and Laurae Spindler

    Joining Cory and Melissa this week we have from Scout Real Estate President and Broker, Lori Suba and Vice President and Associate, Laurae Spindler who are back on the show to revisit the market in Calgary.

    Lori and Laurae don’t hold back as we unpack the different sectors of the market as well as discuss the Calgary downtown core and learn what the future could entail for what we agreed was Canada’s top 2023 market.

    Take notes and broaden your boundaries as we take a peek over the fence into the Alberta commercial real estate market.

    43m | Jun 7, 2023
  • VCREP #98 | BC's Best Kept Secret with Marianne DeCotiis

    This week Cory and Matt welcome back Marianne DeCotiis; who has since moved from Langley and is now reporting from the William Wright office in Kamloops.

    We are opening the Kamloops market and digging in! How has the commercial market changed and developed over the past few years? How easy is the market to navigate? What is the current state of supply? How have the operations of the commercial market shifted? A great deal of information for the VCREP community this week, worth a second listen to make sure you digest it all.

    Marianne is back and providing us with fantastic insight. This is another information packed episode you do not want to miss out on. Enjoy! 

    51m | May 31, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP #5 | How to Increase your Property’s Value Without Lifting a Finger with Warren Smithies

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in June 2021*

    Are you looking to buy commercial real estate but have no idea how to take care of the property? No worries; Cory welcomes Warren Smithies CEO of Martello Group, one of Western Canada’s leading commercial property management companies, with over 5,000,000 SQFT under management. Warren walks you through the benefits of having a professional management company oversee and manage your property which will lead to increased value for owners without having to lift a finger. COVID 19 impacted landlords all over the world and here first hand what Warren’s portfolio has experienced and here how they prepare as BC is entering the first stage of the reopening plan.

    51m | May 24, 2023
  • VCREP #97 | Where You Can Buy an Acre of Industrial for ONLY $550,000 with Bronwyn Scrivens

    Joining Cory and Melissa this week is Bronwyn Scrivens. Bronwyn is an Associate on the Industrial Team at Omada Commercial, back on the show to give us a update on the Alberta market.

    Bronwyn unpacks market lease rates, the differences between Calgary and Edmonton when it comes to being an industrial landlord, how prices have changed and where would you invest if you were to walk into the market today? 

    We even shook up the 6-pack for a little extra excitement. We ask the questions and Bronwyn does not hold back, another episode jam-packed with information and insight, lets go! 

    41m | May 17, 2023
  • VCREP #96 | Commercial Real Estate 2023 Report Card with Rod Mackay

    With the amount of success our previous episodes with Rod have been, we just had to get him back on the show. So joining Cory and Matt this week, we have William Wright Commercial's very own, Rod MacKay.

    If you have been struggling to stay in the loop lately, this is the episode for you. Rod is here to give us a general update on the market. How have interest rates affected the market? How is the supply? What is the vacancy rate doing? And how is the retail market fairing after the pandemic?

    All of this and more in another information-packed episode for the VCREP community. It's always beneficial to get Rod's perspective on the market. Enjoy!

    47m | May 10, 2023
  • VCREP #95 | How Do Property Taxes Work with Paul Sullivan

    This week Cory and Mellissa invite Paul Sullivan from Ryan ULC who has a background as a real-estate appraiser and is a property tax expert. Here on the show to unpack and give us some useful and potentially business saving insight as he guides us through the labyrinth of commercial property tax.

    What are commercial tax classes? Which areas are taxed the most and how do they work it out? What can happen when you appeal your property tax assessment? And find out what happens when you don’t return those phone calls to BC Assessment.

    All of this and more. This is another episode you certainly don’t want to miss out on, take notes! 

    36m | May 3, 2023
  • VCREP #94 | Why Nordstrom's Left Canada with David Ian Gray of DIG 360

    Yet another major American retailer will exit Canada as the Nordstrom's brand is set to shutter eleven Canadian retail operations under two names operated by the American giant.

    This week Cory and Adam welcome to the show retail expert David Ian Gray of DIG 360 who is here to unwrap everything from how the retail environment has changed, why American big box brands haven't fared as well this side of the border and even touches into how technology has impacted the retail world and gives us his thoughts on why Nordstrom is pulling out …and his answer might catch you off guard.

    David also provides his insight into the post COVID retail landscape and why retail was on the decline prior to the pandemic. A true professional and expert in his craft, this is an episode that provides some much-needed answers to what is happening within the retail industry. 

    53m | Apr 26, 2023
  • VCREP #93 | How To Return 100% On Your Investment In Commercial Real Estate

    Ever wonder how companies buy commercial buildings, fix them up, keep them, and then seem to buy more?

    This week, after receiving tens of emails over the past few months, Cory and Melissa will walk you through the 5 key indicators and steps on how you can buy value-add properties and get a 100% return on your equity in under 2 years. 

    Cory outlines the areas, asset classes, and types of property this is achievable with and provides some essential information you Will not want to miss. If you have ever wondered how the professionals do it, this is the episode you will want to listen to over-and-over again.

    36m | Apr 19, 2023
  • VCREP #92 | Making Money in a High Interest Market with Lawrence Green

    As interest rates continue to move upward how can you cash in on this?

    This week Cory and Melissa welcome Lawrence Green of Spire Development Corporation to discuss what he sees happening in BC's best markets and discusses how you can make money from these high interest rates.

    Spire Development's enters its 17th year of operations and brings a one-stop shop to developers and commercial real estate owners looking to maximize their property's value through development.

    Lawrence also discusses his latest venture Spire Pacific Capital and how people can participate on the commercial lending front and how their model protects investors against borrowers not making interest payments.

    With over two plus decades in the commercial real estate industry, Lawrence provides some great insight on what's next and what to watch out for. 

    40m | Apr 12, 2023
  • VCREP #91 | How Does the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Affect Commercial Real Estate with Alan Haigh

    Why is the collapse of SVB good for real estate in BC? This week, Cory and Adam welcome fan favourite Alan Haigh, founding partner of Impact Commercial Group, to discuss how the shocking events down south could impact BC real estate. Alan discusses how rates may move sooner than expected or how they may hold firm for 2023. He also provides his insight into what markets are moving and where the next market to boom could be. Another great episode to get your fix of what is on the horizon in commercial real estate in BC.

    34m | Apr 5, 2023
  • VCREP #90 | The Secrets To The Development Business with Tim Sportschuetz

    Ever wonder what all the potential legal pitfalls that you might find in the development business?

    This week Cory and Melissa welcome Tim Sportschuetz of Sportschuetz & Co construction lawyers to talk about all things you would never think of that go into a real estate development in BC.

    From securing air right for a crane to swing unpinning the neighbours property to ensure the land doesn’t give way for your underground parkade. Tim shows us everything that goes into the legal side of the development that we would never know about. He also dives into tenants TI work and how you need to legally protect your property as a landlord.

    One of the most interesting episodes to date and a must listen to, no question!

    38m | Mar 29, 2023
  • VCREP #89 | BC's Last Commercial Real Estate Market Left to Boom with Kevin Wong

     What's the last BC commercial real estate market left to boom?

    This week Cory and Melisa welcome Kevin Wong of Wesbild to talk about everything Kamloops and why this market is about to boom, from major industries driving the local economy to AAA tenants looking to enter the market.

    If you are a tenant looking to grow your business into a new market or a commercial investor looking for the next market to invest in, this is a must listen episode for you. 

    38m | Mar 22, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP #20 | Is Victoria the Next Vancouver Real Estate Market with Byron Chard

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in September 2021*

    They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back over the past 20 years and seeing the amazing run up in value the Vancouver real estate market has had, it's fair to say we all wish we would have bought more.

    Some people would even say if you buy in now, you might have missed the boat...but don't worry! If this is you, we might have found the next Vancouver real estate market and it's only a short "boat" ride away.

    This week, Matt and Cory welcome Chard Development's President and CEO Byron Chard to talk about the booming Victoria real estate market. Byron discusses everything Victoria and some of the exciting projects Chard has in the pipeline and shares with us some of his thoughts on where the Victoria market is headed and some of the stats he shares might surprise you and sound familiar to Vancouverites.

    If you're looking for that next real estate market to invest in and want to get in before it's too late, you'll want to make sure to grab a pen and notepad and listen to this episode!

    54m | Mar 15, 2023
  • VCREP #88 | How to Save $250,000 On Your New Commercial Purchase, with Conall Barr

    When buyers spend millions on buildings there is one area some of them tend to skip… and that can end up being a very costly mistake.

    This week Cory and Matt welcome Conall Barr from CBarr Inspection, here to talk about the importance of a commercial building inspection before you remove subjects on your next purchase.

    Conall unwraps the many layers of a commercial inspection and how they can save a buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars in deferred maintenance costs. Conall also shares some of the best and worst situations he has seen which are always interesting, this is another great episode you do not want to miss, enjoy!

    45m | Mar 8, 2023
  • VCREP #87 | VCREP's #1 Commercial Investment Market for 2023 Explained with Connor Braid

    Want to know why VCREP picked Nanaimo as the best investment market for 2023?


    This week Cory and Melissa welcome Connor Braid of William Wright Commercial and Managing Director for Vancouver Island to share the inside stats on why the Central Island region is an investment market you want to know.


    From developments to population growth to thriving industries Connor breaks down it all and why you want to make sure Greater Nanaimo is on your search criteria for your next commercial real estate investment. 

    31m | Mar 1, 2023
  • VCREP #86 | The Best Commercial Investment for 2023 with Thomas Wieckowski

    As the interest and activity ramp up in late February, everyone is asking where are the best opportunities found? No worries, we have some of the answers as this week Cory and Adam welcome Thomas Wieckowski of Campbell & Pound to discuss what's in store for 2023 and a lookback at the past 24 months.

    Thomas walks us through what the appraisal industry has seen over the past two plus years and gives his thoughts on what makes a good opportunity. Thomas takes the high road and doesn't divulge the exact location(s) or asset classes but don't worry, Cory sums it up for him and the listeners. More great insight to the year ahead and another must listen for all commercial real estate investors. 

    49m | Feb 22, 2023
  • VCREP #85 | Will The Vancouver Real Estate Market Collapse in 2023? with Ryan Wong

    Who better to hear from on how 2023 is shaping up than an appraiser who sees all the deals and numbers. This week Cory and Melissa welcome commercial appraiser Ryan Wong from Ryan LLC.

    Ryan sees ALL the numbers and knows what assets are trading and where and he lets us in on what he is seeing. Will the market collapse in 2023? Will inflation topple the market? Will we see gains in real estate assets in BC this year?

    Ryan lets us in on all of this and more plus he explains the important role appraiser play in the sales aspect of commercial real estate in BC

    35m | Feb 15, 2023
  • VCREP #84 | $8.5 Billion and Counting, with Alex Messina of Nicola Wealth Real Estate

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be part of a billion dollar plus portfolio of real estate and where and what you would buy?

    This week Cory and Matt welcome Alex Messina, VP of Acquisitions for Nicola Wealth Real Estate which oversees over $8.5 billion dollars’ worth of some of the best real estate in North America.

    From a growing self-storage portfolio to ground up development Nicola Wealth is involved in it all and to hear their strategy and where they are most excited about for 2023 is a must listen to event.

    Tune in as Alex highlights some of the key focus points that have guided their portfolio over the past couple of years and where they see things head in 2023 and beyond. It's a rare opportunity to hear firsthand from someone like Alex who has contributed to Nicola's massive success over the past decade. Not just in BC, but all-over North America. 

    39m | Feb 8, 2023
  • VCREP #83 | 2023 Gift Wrapped with BMO Chief Economist Doug Porter

    With the Bank of Canada's latest rate increase of 0.25% and what could be the last rate increase for 2023, what does this all mean? Don't worry, we have one of the best in the business to tell us.

    This week, Cory and Melissa welcome BMO's chief economist Doug Porter to give us his thoughts on interest rates, inflation, the overall Canadian economy, our neighbours to the south and everything else you need to know for 2023. As one of the VCREP's most requested guests, Doug doesn't disappoint and makes us a little more optimistic for what 2023 has in store. This will be one you will want to listen to over and over!

    36m | Feb 1, 2023
  • VCREP #82 | What's in Store for 2023 with Patrick Wood

    As things seem to have picked up already, phones are ringing for properties, and sellers are receiving offers, in some cases multiple..

    So what does it all mean?

    This week, Cory and Adam welcome Patrick Wood from William Wright's Victoria office (and the company's unofficial in-house economist) to tell us how to interpret this quick start to the year, what his picks are for best investment markets in 2023, and what he anticipates all these numbers reveal about interest rates and inflation.

    Pat never disappoints, so sit back and enjoy!

    39m | Jan 25, 2023
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