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Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Podcast

Imagine you are friends with hundreds of commercial real estate investors, developers, economists and urban planners in Vancouver. Now imagine you can grab a coffee with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, lessons learned and even their best investment advice. This plus the nuts and bolts of Commercial Real Estate - that’s what we’re aiming for with the Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Podcast!


VCREP #67 | As Interest Rates Continue To Rise, What Will Happen Next with Alan Haigh
Show Details44min 30s
VCREP #66 | Where Do You Invest When Interest Rates and Inflation Rise with Peter Leung
Show Details51min 3s
REPOST: VCREP #3 | Bulletproof Leasing for Financial Success with Scott McInnes
Show Details59min 47s
REPOST: VCREP #48 | Rising Interest Rates & How they Impact Your Investments with Jon Switzer
Show Details44min 53s
REPOST: VCREP #2 | Financing Commercial Real Estate 101
Show Details42min 4s
VCREP #65 | Best Investment Opportunities in a High Interest Rate Market with Harry Jones
Show Details30min 28s
VCREP #64 | Understanding Property Taxes 101 with Clayton Olson
Show Details45min 27s
VCREP #63 | How To Buy Commercial Real Estate with Your Life Insurance Policy… Whilst You’re Still Alive
Show Details35min 42s
VCREP #62 | What is Driving Up the Costs of Commercial Insurance, with Nigel Clark
Show Details39min 32s
VCREP #61 | Vancouver Island’s Diamond in the Rough Investment, with Mayor Ed Mayne
Show Details36min 7s
VCREP #60 | What Does a One-Percent Increase to Interest Rates Mean for Commercial Real Estate?
Show Details48min 42s
VCREP #59 | Canada's Best Commercial Real Estate Market in 2022, with Lori Suba & Laurae Spindler
Show Details46min 53s
VCREP #58 l This Commercial Market Makes Dollars and Sense, with Jeff Kennedy
Show Details37min 25s
VCREP #57 | Vancouver Island by the Numbers, with John MacDonald
Show Details41min 26s
VCREP #56 | What's Really Happened in Canadian Commercial Real Estate in 2022, with Raymond Wong
Show Details40min 32s
VCREP #55 | The City of Vancouver's Biggest Decision Ever, with Meg Cooney, Seamus Bailey and Liam Simpson
Show Details43min 41s
VCREP #54 | Victoria vs Nanaimo… Which would You Rather? With Robin Kelley
Show Details54min 36s
VCREP #53 | Is the Commercial Real Estate Market about to Crash? With Rod MacKay
Show Details35min 45s
VCREP #52 | The Food App Industry Exposed, with Amrit Maharaj
Show Details46min
VCREP #51 | How to Buy a Six Percent Industrial CAP Rate, with Bronwyn Scrivens
Show Details46min 50s
VCREP #50 | Is the Fraser Valley Area the Best Real Estate Market in the Lower Mainland? With Jonathan Meads
Show Details49min 40s
VCREP #49 | Victoria Unleashed with Mayor Lisa Helps
Show Details35min 25s
VCREP #48 | Rising Interest Rates & How they Will Impact Your Investments with Jon Switzer
Show Details44min 53s
VCREP #47 | Vancouver Island's Development Market Uncovered with Mike Kozakowski
Show Details46min 12s
VCREP #46 | How to Scale Commercial Real Estate with Sam Wilson
Show Details42min 54s
VCREP #45 | BC's Best Hidden Commercial Real Estate Market with David Algra
Show Details38min 26s
VCREP #44 | Is Nanaimo the New Victoria for Commercial Real Estate Part 2, with Mayor Leonard Krog
Show Details48min 53s
VCREP #43 | Happy Spring Break
Show Details1min 33s
VCREP #42 | Canada's Fastest Growing City with Jon Friesen
Show Details31min 42s
VCREP #41 | Is Langford BC's New Big City? With Mayor Stewart Young
Show Details48min 45s
VCREP #40 | How To Buy A Office Building For Only $150,000 with Darcy Ulmer
Show Details54min 38s
VCREP #39 | Is Nanaimo the New Victoria for Commercial Real Estate with Jacob Steiner
Show Details46min 40s
VCREP #38 | How to Make Money Like a Real Estate Developer for only $5000 with Ravi Mann
Show Details53min 24s
VCREP #37 | What's next for the Canadian Economy with Doug Porter
Show Details47min 23s
VCREP #36 | Investing in Multifamily 101 with Marianne DeCotiis
Show Details51min 22s
VCREP #35 | Staying on the Right Side of Commercial Real Estate Law with Tim Lack
Show Details45min 43s
VCREP #34 | One Commercial Real Estate Cost that's Set to Skyrocket with Owen Lecky
Show Details41min 57s
VCREP #33 | Supercharging your Investment Portfolio with Alan Haigh
Show Details50min 50s
VCREP #32 | Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from VCREP 
Show Details2min 39s
VCREP #31 | The Largest Real Estate Transaction in 2021 - $300,000,000 with Steve Jedreicich and Andy Tam at Keltic Canada Development.
Show Details49min 3s
VCREP #30 | The Top 5 Real Estate Investment Markets in BC for 2022 with Rod Mackay
Show Details50min 28s
VCREP #29 | Is your $500,000 condo really worth a million dollars with Meg Cooney
Show Details38min 25s
VCREP #28 | Why You Should Invest in Canada's Next Big City with Anita Huberman
Show Details43min 54s
VCREP #27 | How an EV Car Charging Station Could Influence Your Investment with Maxime Charron
Show Details59min 3s
VCREP #26 | What's Next for Downtown Vancouver with Nolan Marshall
Show Details51min 6s
VCREP #25 | How to Finance Commercial Investment Properties with Matthew Dunnigan
Show Details48min 42s
VCREP #24 | How to Become an Investorpreneur with Peter Leung
Show Details59min 39s
VCREP #23 | How Big Data Should Inform Your Biggest Investment Decisions with Raymond Wong
Show Details52min 53s
VCREP #22 | The Five BEST Real Estate Markets in BC in 2022 with BIV’s Frank O’Brien
Show Details1hr 2min
VCREP #21 | How to Buy Self Storage Properties for only $10,000 with Hugh Cartwright
Show Details53min 2s
VCREP #20 | Is Victoria the Next Vancouver Real Estate Market with Byron Chard
Show Details54min 56s
VCREP #19 | North America's Best Market Just Keeps Getting Better with Mike Mackay
Show Details55min 2s
VCREP #18 | Is the Retail Cannabis Business Riding HIGH? with Jeff Prete
Show Details1hr 10min
VCREP #17 | The Best Real Estate Market in BC with Jeff Brown
Show Details54min 40s
VCREP #16 | Is Kamloops BC's Next Big Real Estate Market to Invest In with Bryan Pilbeam
Show Details51min 29s
VCREP #15 | How to Buy Commercial Real Estate with 0% Down with Jon Switzer
Show Details47min 20s
VCREP #14 | Developing From the Ground Up with Jordan MacDonald
Show Details1hr 3min
VCREP #13 | The Evaluation of the Office Space with Drew Ratcliffe
Show Details40min 22s
VCREP #12 | The Future of the Restaurant Business with Glowbal Group CEO Emad Yacoub
Show Details35min 28s
VCREP #11 | The Fastest Growing Commercial Asset Class in Canada? with Pat Wood
Show Details50min 41s
VCREP #10 | How to Buy Commercial Real Estate for Only $1 with Mitch Jarvi
Show Details55min 2s
VCREP #9 | The Best Commercial Real Estate Investment in North America with Connor Braid
Show Details33min 3s
VCREP #8 | How to Buy the Perfect Investment Property with Thomas Wieckowski from Campbell and Pound Commercial Appraisers
Show Details52min 49s
VCREP #7 | Commercial Real Estate's Top Tax Tips with John Juranyi
Show Details48min 5s
VCREP #6 | Will Rising Insurance Costs Kill Your Portfolio? With Derek McCoy
Show Details45min 8s
VCREP #5 | How to Increase your Property’s Value Without Lifting a Finger with Warren Smithies
Show Details52min 29s
VCREP #4 | The Dirtiest Job in Commercial Real Estate that will Save You Thousands with Shane Rigter
Show Details55min 34s
VCREP #3 | Bulletproof Leasing for Financial Success with Scott McInnes
Show Details1hr 1min
VCREP #2 | Financing Commercial Real Estate 101
Show Details42min 48s
VCREP #1 | Commercial Real Estate for Dummies
Show Details52min 1s