VCREP #136 | Understanding Canada's New Cap Gains Rules with Ben Vella

Episode 136
28m | Jun 5, 2024

This week, Cory takes the helm solo to address a hot topic requested by our listeners: the proposed changes to Canada's capital gains taxes. With new taxation rules slated to come into effect on June 2nd, it's crucial to understand how these changes might impact your investments.

To shed light on this important issue, Cory is joined by returning guest Ben Vella. Ben, who previously shared his expertise on commercial real estate accounting, is back to unpack the effects of the new capital gains rules.

Tune in as Cory and Ben discuss the implications of these changes, what investors need to know, and how to strategically navigate the new landscape. Whether you're an experienced investor or just starting out, this episode is packed with essential insights to help you stay informed and prepared.

Don't miss this crucial discussion on the future of capital gains taxes in Canada and what it means for you.

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