REPOST: VCREP #28 | Why You Should Invest in Canada's Next Big City with Anita Huberman

43m | Sep 6, 2023

*Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in November 2021*

Ever wonder what makes Surrey so attractive for both business and families? This week, Surrey's Board of Trade CEO, Anita Huberman, joined Matt and Cory to discuss Canada's next big major city and driving forces behind it. If Surrey was not on your list of places to invest in, it should be now after listening to this episode! Anita breaks down all the economic drivers behind the massive growth of BC's second largest city and what makes it attractive for so many developers. She also shares which areas of Surrey are next to boom and may not be in the forefront of the public's eye just yet, which always makes for a great investment opportunity. Anita also shares some interesting stats when it comes to the age demographic of Surrey (hint: you haven't yet missed the boat to invest in this booming city). Stats show Surrey is on pace to become BC's largest city or municipality by 2040. Whether you're talking about industrial, office, retail or multifamily, Surrey is a place that should be high on everyone's investment list!

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