REPOST: VCREP# 66 | Where Do You Invest When Interest Rates and Inflation Rise? with Peter Leung

51m | Nov 1, 2023

*Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in September 2022*

They’re back! After a couple of weeks hiatus, Cory got even fatter and almost drowned in the Pacific Ocean, while Matt was busy adding even more abs to his already chiseled stomach thanks to F45. But the boys are now back, and to kick off the second half of the season is none other than international commercial real estate investor Peter Leung!

As the world continues to cope with rising inflation and interest rates, Peter tells us how his portfolio is (or isn’t) affected and what markets have bounced back quicker than others. Peter also discusses what BC markets he likes and where he is looking to grow his holdings. In this ever-changing investing environment, this is an episode you will want to tune in for.

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