VCREP #106 | The Office Market Is Coming Back with Kevin Johnston

Episode 106
36m | Aug 2, 2023

Cory and Melisa are back with an incredible episode featuring Kevin Johnston, President at Strand. Prepare for an in-depth discussion as Kevin takes center stage to share his expert perspectives on the market's current landscape, interest rates, and the latest developments coming from Strand.

Kevin unpacks the opportunities and challenges that shape Vancouver's real estate scene. From market trends to the impact of interest rates, the excitement doesn't end there—we also dive into the office asset class, which seems to be bubbling under the surface with potential.

Discover the cutting-edge projects that Strand has in the pipeline, providing a glimpse into the future of Vancouver's architectural marvels. If you're a real estate enthusiast or an investor seeking to navigate the dynamic Vancouver market, this episode is a goldmine of valuable insights.

Let's go!

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