This is What Democracy Sounds Like

This is What Democracy Sounds Like is a presentation of Metropolitan Congregations United in St. Louis, MO. MCU is a community organization that brings together religious congregations, community groups, and individuals to work for a common purpose: to create a better life for all residents of the St. Louis region.

We work at the intersection of race, economy, political power, gender, and the structures of oppression at work within us individually, within our organization and within the community.

We are working towards building people’s control of the government, building community control of the economy, expanding the public sphere, and creating structural racial equity.


Navigating Voting November 2020
Show Details43min 3s
COVID-19 & The Missouri Department of Corrections
Show Details1hr 4min
Sacred Votes 20:20
Show Details39min 6s
2020 Missouri Special Legislative Session
Show Details31min 42s
MCU Education Task Force
Show Details38min 40s
Defending Clean Missouri
Show Details28min 19s
2020 MCU Public Meeting - Part 2
Show Details35min 54s
2020 MCU Public Meeting - Part 1
Show Details26min 30s
Missouri Votes 2020
Show Details33min 32s
#FreeOurYouth - Update
Show Details25min 27s
Yes on Amendment 2
Show Details26min 2s
Missouri Medicaid Expansion - REPEAT
Show Details31min 6s
Environmental Justice
Show Details27min 4s
Faith and Direct Action
Show Details26min 37s
2020 Census & COVID-19
Show Details19min 30s
Jammin' For Justice 2020
Show Details26min 17s
Trauma-Informed Education Practices
Show Details29min 17s
Missouri Medicaid Expansion: The Signatures Are In
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Show Details23min 3s
Call to Action Assembly
Show Details40min 52s
Incarceration and COVID-19
Show Details32min 22s
What is Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU)?
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