2022 Air Quality Rally Highlights

Season 3 | Episode 85
49m | Aug 2, 2022

Listen back to highlights from the 2022 Air Quality Rally. The program was hosted by Miles Brenton and you will hear from Rev. Kevin Anthony, DeAndress Green, Mamie Cosey, Rajiv Ravulapati, Dale Wojtkowski, Zach Chike, and Fr. Michler. Sponsors included Metropolitan Congregations United, United Congregations of Metro East, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, and the Missouri Coalition for the Environment.

Take action:

MO Residents Demanding the Missouri Department of Natural Resources reform its air permitting policy:

IL Residents demand your state representatives support the Illinois Environmental Justice Permitting Bill:

Join the UCM Youth Leadership training on 8/6:

Join MCU on 9/8 to learn how to Powerfully Engage with Boards and Commissions:

Join the IL Sierra Club on 9/17 for the Mississippi Earthtones Festival:

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