The Wonky Adult Handbook

A cup of tea and a dollop of emotional expression: Emily hosts and discusses the 'real' sloppy, relatable, and unfiltered tales of adulthood. The @wonkyadulthandbook is a coming of age series, with a focus on authenticity and with no aim other than to 'talk freely, without having to impress our linkedin connections.' Join us as we explore who we think we should be, who we used to be, and whoever we currently are. Hosted by an adult who knows nothing.


Dating and skin colour: Kishan's story of being Brown, British and left in the Lurch.
Show Details47min 23s
Born to be wild: our idea of success and where it came from
Show Details37min 55s
My wonky bits uncovered: how I learnt to shake hands with my OCD and why it's okay to not accept every part of yourself yet
Show Details29min 22s
Beyond monogamy and lust: how do we ask each other difficult questions without breaking up?
Show Details55min 29s
Has the pandemic changed our relationship with alcohol? Or are we still living for the weekend?
Show Details38min 52s
Burnout in a creative world: are we letting our ambition define who we are?
Show Details55min 54s