Finding our voice as Artists: the trials and tribulations of the Drama School Experience

1h 10m | Mar 31, 2021

This Episode we welcome you into the world of The Arts, as Nim and I discuss our experience training at Fourth Monkey. Together, we explore the wacky, terrifying, and exposing aspects of Actor Craft Training, and most importantly, what it's taught us about themselves.

As well as this, we digest what it was like to Graduate and complete our final shows in a Pandemic. An experience that no actor in training has ever had to do before. We believe that our industry is being ignored, so today, we take this opportunity to share the importance of keeping the Arts alive, now more than ever.

Tune in to learn about everything that Actors in Training keep quiet in the Muggle World. From Object exercises to Animal Studies, we share the Education experience that very few will ever get to experience.

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