• Shari Simpson - HR Professional

    With more than 15 years of experience as an HR professional, Senior Manager of Thought Leadership for Paylocity Shari Simpson brings a unique, veteran perspective to a range of topics, from training and development to talent acquisition and employee relations – many of which she dives into with other industry experts as the host of the podcast PCTY Talks: HR, People and Culture. When she’s not lending her voice there, she’s finding other ways to elevate HR, payroll, and business professionals in and outside of Paylocity by collaborating with other industry leaders and speaking at local and national conferences. Shari also co-leads Paylocity’s women’s employee resource group, SHEroes. Thank you Shari for today's episode!

    33m | Nov 7, 2023
  • William Norvell & Vineet Rajan - Co-Founders of Forte

    For every employee—the healthy and the hurting—Forte is the mental wellness employee platform that provides Content and Connections so they can uniquely and meaningfully contribute at work, home, and in their community. Today we engaged in conversation about how to make work more meaningful in the world (and more!). Thank you to today's guests!

    46m | Aug 24, 2023
  • Jessica Yarmey - Founder and CEO of Kickhouse and Flex Society

    Jessica Yarmey is the CEO of KickHouse, a modern kickboxing franchise that inspires members and communities to take their health and kick it up a level. Today we chatted about personal fitness, wellbeing, and larger perspective. Thank you, Jessica, for today's episode!

    Linkedin: Jessica Yarmey

    Instagram: @jessicayarmey

    28m | Aug 22, 2023
  • Bandit the Rapper

    Whaat's up podcast listeners! Today I'm chatting with the one and only Bandit the Rapper, a stylish dude, brilliant musician, and amazing guy. The insight he brings today and the ideas we discuss are brilliant. Thank you!

    23m | Jun 6, 2023
  • Randy Raw - Leadership Coach, CISO at Veterans United

    Randy has been the Chief Information Security Officer at Veterans United Home Loans since May 2021. It is awesome working for a company whose mission is to put Veteran Heroes into Homes and to live their values of passion, integrity, and fun every day. Thank you, Randy, for today's episode!

    Linkedin -- Randy Raw

    26m | May 31, 2023
  • Dr. Endya Perry - Blue Cross NC CFO

    Welcome back to another episode of The Matt Baxter Show! Today we get to know Dr. Endya Perry, a brilliant CFO and all-around cool person. It's special to analyze the next phase of each step of her life, focusing on the moment and beyond! Dr. Perry brings energy, light, wisdom, and motivation to make the world a better place.

    Linkedin: Dr. Endya Perry https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-endya-perry-40a82668/

    26m | May 11, 2023
  • Claire Hennah - Unilever Beauty & Wellbeing Chief Customer & Digital Commerce Officer

    Claire is confident, self-motivated, innovative and commercially minded, with a strong track record of producing creative & digital strategies that deliver significant return on investment across major platforms and projects. We chat about her work at Unilever, and more! Thank you Claire for today's episode.

    34m | Apr 18, 2023
  • Sarry Ibrahim - Author, Finance Expert

    After a brief hiatus, we are back! Sarry Ibrahim’s business is to help high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely. As a Financial Consultant, Health and Life Agent, Sarry has cultivated a reputation for putting his clients first, no matter what. He prides himself on attending all client meetings without expectations or preconceived ideas to ensure that he is solving his client’s problems. Thank you, Sarry, for today's episode!

    26m | Apr 13, 2023
  • Nina Murano - Performer, Actress, Singer

    Nina Murano has appeared as a singer in numerous New York venues including Jimmy Weston’s, Village Gate, Sweet Basil, Sweetwater’s, Greene St., Condon’s, 37th St. Hideaway, Red Blazer, Freddy’s, Tramps, Eleonora’s; The Triad and Danny’s Skylight Room. She has performed in Los Angeles at The Beverly Hilton; in Florence, Italy at ” Il Sipario” ; in Amsterdam at the Bette Asfalt Theatre and for an event in Hamburg, Germany.

    She has received the Bistro Award from Backstage; the Outstanding Solo Performance Award from NY Native and has been the recipient of more than 15 annual ASCAP Special Popular Song Panel Awards.

    “Nina Murano has a voice that glows…and jazz phrasing know-how.” NY NEWSDAY

    “Nina’s Classy and Classic” NEW YORK POST

    “Murano’s touch of elegance…creates a moody, and dreamlike musical interlude” DRAMALOGUE

    “Murano is as polished and sophisticated a singer as one could hope for…a best kept secret.” NY NATIVE

    Nina studied with Sanford Meisner at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and continued her professional acting training with William Esper and Mordecai Lawner. Her twenty five plus years of award winning club and cabaret singing becomes the basis of her coaching for Broadway musicals and drama.

    Thank you, Nina, for being today's guest on the Matt Baxter Show!

    51m | Mar 2, 2023
  • Lucia Rios - Workforce Navigators Program Associate at Salesforce

    Lucia Rios removes barriers and creates access through her presence, voice, and activism. Her life in college and over a 20-year working career have included giving a voice to and empowering those with disabilities. She is passionate about helping people with disabilities find their voice to better themselves and the world around them through creative solutions, innovative thinking and accessibility. She is an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion of all people -- thank you, Lucia, for today's episode!

    36m | Feb 28, 2023
  • Matt Arce - Founder & CEO of MGA Consulting

    Matt is a sourcing specialist with management and marketing experience and a strong focus on safety, social responsibility and sustainability. His goal is to build the best sourcing company in the world while upholding the highest standards possible. Thank you, Matt, for today's episode of The Matt Baxter Show!

    30m | Feb 23, 2023
  • Sebastian Greiss - Founder at StationX

    Great discussion, deep life story, and business strategy: all things that mean a great episode of The Matt Baxter Show. Sebastian has 8+ years in innovation and corporate venturing in large organizations, having launched StationX to bridge the world between entrepreneurs and corporate and create game-changing partnerships. Thank you, Sebastian, for today's episode!

    26m | Feb 21, 2023
  • Luciana Caporaso - 'Queen of Electro'

    Dubbed ‘Queen of Electro’, Luciana has stood at the forefront of Dance Music with a supercharged sound that has infiltrated dance floors across the globe, particularly in the United States where she has had 9 Billboard Dance No.1’s. She’s the Girl who started the electro nu wave movement with the multiplatinum “Yeah Yeah” and the voice behind countless club anthems, collaborating with the biggest names in EDM: Tiesto, Hardwell, KHSMR, Will Sparks, Bassjackers, and Moguai to name a few. Her recent collaboration with South American mega star Juan Magan went #1 in 9 countries on the first day of release and went platinum within two weeks. The video rocketed up to 70million YouTube views in less than 4 months. Now, from her LA studio, Luciana has just released her first art collection – a series of famous icons — dripping in punk. This collection is a unique blend of her two loves — music and art — as captured by the renowned photographer Dennis Leopold for Mexican lifetyle magazine M Revista. Thank you, Luciana, for today’s podcast. 

    Instagram — thelucianacaporaso

    Website – www.luciana.com

    Spotify – Luciana - 1M Monthly Listeners

    Instagram Art – Punk Street Studios

    NFT Discord — Join the ROYAL CLBRZ Discord Server!

    41m | Feb 7, 2023
  • Sam Crowther - Founder of Kasada

    Today I chat with Sam, an entrepreneur with a passion for cybersecurity. Based in both New York and Sydney, he is motivated by creating simple, technical solutions to complex problems and by challenging preconceived ideas and beliefs in order to have a positive impact on the world. In 2015, with funding from leading U.S. and Australian investors, he launched Kasada to provide an innovative web traffic integrity solution to companies around the world. Thank you for today's episode!

    20m | Jan 31, 2023
  • Chris Zingo - CRO at Finastra

    Chris Zingo is the Chief Revenue Officer at Finastra, leading the development and execution of the go-to-market strategy for Finastra’s Global Corporate Banking and Lending Business. His primary responsibility is to define and implement the target operating model for the region with the objectives of improving the customer experience, expanding market reach and partner ecosystem, accelerating the penetration and expansion of our markets, and drive revenue and retention growth. Thank you, Chris, for today's episode!

    27m | Jan 26, 2023
  • Tameka McNair - HR director at Microsoft, published author

    Tameka McNair holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus in Human Factors, a minor in African American Studies and an MBA with a focus in Leadership. Currently, Tameka is a Director at Microsoft driving digital employee experience success (Viva). Prior to her current role, she has worked in various organizations at Microsoft: Sales/Services as the Azure GTM lead, Legal focused on Privacy Operations, C+AI Security Fundamentals and Internal Audit where she was a Senior IT Auditor.

    Her personal mission is to Empower everyone that she encounters to become the best version of themselves and to discover their purpose - encouraging others to reach for the stars and to not stop until they obtain them all!

    Her unique style, personality, and commitment to walking in her authentic truth has played a major part in navigating her life and career. Inspired by her experience overcoming a wide range of obstacles, Tameka seeks to encourage others to pursue their dreams despite the various challenges they may face. Tameka is a long-time advocate of DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) and has helped establish employee resource groups to push DEI initiatives. She is an active mentor to both adults and youth in underserved communities and passionate about encouraging youth and minorities to explore STEM careers. She is also the cofounder of the Women IN Energy Conference. Tameka is a published author for a book titled Conquering Uncertainty – Don’t concede too soon, your Victory awaits you.

    Within the last 10 years, Tameka has made four industry switches (Manufacturing, Energy, Software and Retail), each leveraging her technical expertise, desire to solve challenging problems, customer obsession and ability to navigate across various disciplines. Tameka aspires to become the CEO of a Fortune 100 company. Thank you for today's episode!

    Tameka's website: http://www.tamekamcnair.com/

    Tameka's book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BN21JMKW?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

    48m | Jan 24, 2023
  • Terry Bean - Business Growth Coach

    Terry entered business networking in 1995 during his first professional sales job while I lived in Columbus, Ohio. By 27, he was running 5 different groups ranging from 18 to 52 people.

    After moving back to Michigan, he developed  Motor City Connect, became the fastest growing networking group in Detroit. It was also one of the first hybrid online and real world networking groups on the planet.

    As a sought after speaker, his goal is to leave the audience wanting more. Coaching became that more. Thank you Terry!

    34m | Jan 17, 2023
  • Alex Drost - Continual Growth Advocate at Connection Builders

    Alex Drost is a Founder & CEO who works with growth-minded professionals to help them connect, grow and excel in their careers, believing that true success lies in your ability to foster meaningful connections with those around you with intentional focus and effort.

    After starting his career in middle-market investment banking, Alex embraced his entrepreneurial spirit, a deep desire for continual growth, and passion for technology to create Connection Builders.

    Connection Builders is a tech-enabled growth platform purpose-built to accelerate career advancement for individuals and drive sustainable growth for firms.

    Alex is also the host of the Branch Out Podcast, where he talks with today’s industry leaders about their mindsets and the actions they have taken to reach their success. Thank you Alex for today's podcast!

    39m | Jan 12, 2023
  • Tracy Kawa - Founder of Kawa Community Partners

    Tracy is a speaker, author, coach, and founder of Kawa Community Partners, supporting individuals in finding the best version of themselves, whether it be changing their career or growing their business. She also is a developer of K-BAT, helping discover career blind spots to move past obstacles hindering professional growth. Thank you for today's episode!

    45m | Dec 21, 2022
  • Raj Khemani - Head of Global Capacity Centers, India & Poland at Haleon

    Raj Khemani is the Head of Global Capability Centers – India & Poland at Haleon. He is a strategic leader with expertise in leading technology-based, multi-billion-dollar revenue and growth initiatives. Raj has an acute understanding of organizational leadership and is a strong believer that values and culture are crucial to an organization’s strategy for success.

    Raj’s interests include geo-politics, social action, economic empowerment, environmental causes, and science and technology. Thank you Raj for today's episode!

    35m | Dec 14, 2022
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