Holly Haynes - CEO of Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute

43m | Jan 24, 2024

Holly knows all too well about how purpose can change throughout the course of our life. Holly's background includes starting her own construction company in 1997 and being a GC for 25+ years building and designing for people residentially/commercially. Before taking over for Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute (FBCTI) she started Age Me Gracefully, a line of supplements and skin care. She's also a Southern Living Magazine top female home builder for the state of Texas, as well as has an International Living article for her building and design in Central America, where she spent three years. She believes passion is more than dreams of great things and following your bliss, but a burning in the pit of your stomach that is only tamed when you feed your dreams through accomplishments and actions toward that burn. That feeling of power, drive, energy, and borderline obsession required to achieve your dreams is passion, and Holly has written a book on this very subject. Join us to discuss all this, and more, on today's episode!

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