Tameka McNair - HR director at Microsoft, published author

48m | Jan 24, 2023

Tameka McNair holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus in Human Factors, a minor in African American Studies and an MBA with a focus in Leadership. Currently, Tameka is a Director at Microsoft driving digital employee experience success (Viva). Prior to her current role, she has worked in various organizations at Microsoft: Sales/Services as the Azure GTM lead, Legal focused on Privacy Operations, C+AI Security Fundamentals and Internal Audit where she was a Senior IT Auditor.

Her personal mission is to Empower everyone that she encounters to become the best version of themselves and to discover their purpose - encouraging others to reach for the stars and to not stop until they obtain them all!

Her unique style, personality, and commitment to walking in her authentic truth has played a major part in navigating her life and career. Inspired by her experience overcoming a wide range of obstacles, Tameka seeks to encourage others to pursue their dreams despite the various challenges they may face. Tameka is a long-time advocate of DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) and has helped establish employee resource groups to push DEI initiatives. She is an active mentor to both adults and youth in underserved communities and passionate about encouraging youth and minorities to explore STEM careers. She is also the cofounder of the Women IN Energy Conference. Tameka is a published author for a book titled Conquering Uncertainty – Don’t concede too soon, your Victory awaits you.

Within the last 10 years, Tameka has made four industry switches (Manufacturing, Energy, Software and Retail), each leveraging her technical expertise, desire to solve challenging problems, customer obsession and ability to navigate across various disciplines. Tameka aspires to become the CEO of a Fortune 100 company. Thank you for today's episode!

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