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Tete-A-Tete by Fresxco Media

Tete-A-Tete by Fresxco Media is here to cover the latest stories from World Football during the 2020/21 season. Our love for the beautiful game encompasses the past and present of football, whilst exploring "feature stories" that delve into deep discussion.

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A Year Like No Other: 2020 in Review
Show Details1hr 19min
"Koeman & Social Media"
Show Details1hr 5min
Arsenal's Decline
Show Details1hr 8min
"Floodlight Robbery": Indian Super League Weekly Recap
Show Details37min 51s
"Tactical Nus": Indian Super League Weekly Recap
Show Details29min 12s
"Boro Match": SC East Bengal v ATK Mohun Bagan Preview
Show Details7min 59s
"Relocation Derby": Indian Super League Weekly Recap
Show Details23min 59s
"Let's Goa": Indian Super League Build-Up (Episode 4)
Show Details51min 30s
"Atletico De Kolkata": Indian Super League Build-Up (Episode 3)
Show Details28min 6s
"Central Revenue Fool": Indian Super League Build-Up (Episode 2)
Show Details25min 36s
"Necessary Evil": Indian Super League Build-Up (Episode 1)
Show Details15min 36s
"3rd in a 2-Horse Race": Premier League Preview Part 3 (TOT, LEI, CRY, BUR)
Show Details26min 53s
"Ozil's PR Team": Premier League Preview Part 2 (MUN, SOU, WBA, FUL)
Show Details23min 30s
"Holy Trinity": Premier League Preview Part 1 (CHE, ARS, EVE, WHU)
Show Details34min 12s
"Jordan Belfort": La Liga 2020/21 Preview
Show Details51min 31s
"Hair Transplant": The Serie A Resurgence
Show Details42min 35s
"Rotten Bull": Bundesliga 2020/21 Preview
Show Details36min 15s
"Farmer's Harvest": Ligue 1 2020/21 Preview
Show Details50min 34s