"Rotten Bull": Bundesliga 2020/21 Preview

36m | Sep 18, 2020

In our Bundesliga 2020/21 preview, Shreyas and Sid weigh up the potential title race between powerhouses Bayern Munich and the ever-exciting Borussia Dortmund. Elsewhere, a historic semi-final appearance in the Champions League for RB Leipzig should have led to worldwide praise – but why do fans dislike them? The infamous ‘50+1’ ownership rule is revisited after multiple incidents last season brought a great deal of attention to Hoffenheim’s owner, Dietmar Hopp. Finally, we take our punts at the potential 2020/21 champions, and pick out our teams & players to watch.

Running Order

Part 1 (0m 20s): Why the Bundesliga restart was pivotal in securing football’s near future

Part 2 (3m 25s): The Bundesliga title race – is it finally going to be Dortmund’s year?

Part 3 (15 30s): What is the ‘50+1’ rule? What are its implications on the Bundesliga?

Part 4 (24m 30s): A run through of the other top 4 contenders - RB Leipzig, Monchengladbach, Hertha Berlin & Bayer Leverkusen, and our surprise predictions!

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