"Hair Transplant": The Serie A Resurgence

42m | Sep 26, 2020

Inter Milan under their mercurial manager Antonio Conte posed a strong challenge to Juventus’ domestic domination in the 2019/20 season, while also appearing in the Europa League Final. We look at the tantalising title race in prospect between Conte’s Inter and his ‘apprentice’ Andrea Pirlo’s Juventus. We visit the esteemed history of the Serie A – through its heydays and the decline – explaining why the league is on its way back to the top. The ‘feel good’ stories of Atalanta in the Champions League and AC Milan’s form in 2020 gave fans a lot to celebrate, in a decade that failed to match the glory of the bygone era.

Running Order

0m 20s Serie A in the 90s and 00s

14m 55s Inter v Juventus

23m 30s The feel good stories

32m 00s Napoli, Lazio and Roma Preview

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