Stay Sore

Your host, best selling author and business owner, Bo Skitsko is on a mission to Educate and Entertain you. We talk about everything that can help you live your best life. Physical, Financial and Emotional Strength with the STAY SORE PODCAST!


15: Holiday Eating Tips for Weight Loss - Simple and Effective
Show Details8min 26s
14: Boost Your Immune System 2020
Show Details24min 32s
13: Clinically Obese to Physically Fit | True Story
Show Details22min 15s
12: Getting Stage Ready | Figure Competition
Show Details39min 7s
11: How My Gym Survived the Quarantine of 2020
Show Details24min 5s
10: Ten Ways Being Healthy Can Make You Money
Show Details20min 10s
09: Behind the Scenes of Personal Training
Show Details45min 33s
Bonus: Build Your Habits with Randy Angsten
Show Details10min 53s
08: Set Up Your Day for Success with Randy Angsten
Show Details28min 19s
07: Muscle Soreness
Show Details19min 47s
06: Ten Simple Diet Tips and Tricks
Show Details18min 45s
05: Leadership Advice from CEO
Show Details40min
04: Top 10 Fitness Myths
Show Details23min 45s
03: Financial Advice from an Accountant (CPA)
Show Details16min 22s
02: Heart Attack during Workout (Real Story)
Show Details19min 21s
01: Gynecologist talks about Fitness
Show Details17min 28s
00: Introduction to Stay Sore Podcast
Show Details3min 42s