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Sounds of the World

Every week we will take off and travel to a new destination where we will discover some fascinating things about our musical world. Whether it is the classical world of London, the theater music of Japan, or the drums of Ghana, we will discuss pieces, important musical topics, and interview composers and song writers. Our world is a buffet of music and it is time to eat!

We're an indie podcast, which means the two of us do all the work that goes into producing the show - that includes researching, recording, editing, and publishing episodes, working with advertisers, creating Patreon content and rewards, designing, sourcing and shipping merchandise, fixing tech snafus, maintaining the website and blog, social media, responding to listener name it! Sounds of the world has truly become a full-time job for us and we couldn't do it without your support!

If you like the show and want to make sure your musical passport stays up to date and TSA approved, and your plates full of fascinating mental "food" please set up a recurring donation. We'd be eternally grateful! You can do this at this link: Now get ready for some delicious servings!