Episode 035 - Shawn Renzoh Head - Shakuhachi Flute

Episode 35
1h 13m | May 31, 2021

We have a very special guest here today from Japan, Shawn Renzoh Head. Born in St. Charles, Missouri, he began his musical education at 10 where he started on viola. He was introduced to music composition quickly after and began composing for ensembles at 15. Within a year, he had music performed throughout America and Europe. At 18, he discovered a passion for the shakuhachi while traveling throughout Asia. He soon became the youngest non-Japanese shakuhachi master in history. He earned his shihan, which means master, under Michael Chikuzen Gould. In 2019, he received the distinct honor of becoming an OSS Tai Shogun, which was given to him for his work in traditional Japanese music by Ronald Watt 9th Dan Shotokan Karate and Order of the Rising Sun which is Japan’s top civilian award. He also earned his bachelor’s degree in composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music under Professors Keith Fitch and Steven Kohn. He was just up until recently located in Houston, but has now made the move to Japan. He performs on eight flutes crafted specifically for him by the revered flute makes, Yozan Hikichi.


Shawn Renzoh Head 


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