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She Made It Happen

Welcome to the She Made It Happen Podcast, hosted by Cristal Finley, the co-founder of Hers For The Taking. Each week you’ll find lessons for career minded women on taking action, stepping into your power and nurturing a success mindset. Hers For The Taking is an online community focused on supporting and empowering women in the corporate world to discover their own fulfilling path and story through goal setting, productivity, personal branding, career and personal development. Visit for more great content.


How to Make a Vision Board
Show Details9min 37s
Essential Skills to Improve Your Work
Show Details11min 55s
4 Tips For Creating A Successful Evening Routine
Show Details9min 29s
5 Ways to Get Unstuck
Show Details10min 22s
Getting Comfortable With Saying No
Show Details11min 9s
How to Discover Your Values
Show Details8min 11s
4 Ways to Be Present Every Day
Show Details8min 2s
3 Turning Points That Changed My Professional Life
Show Details8min 44s
How to Plan For Success With Your Goals
Show Details8min 43s
How to Create A Plan For Your Goals and Crush Them with Brittany Joy
Show Details15min 59s
Gaining Confidence and Finding Your Voice with Jalynne Geddes
Show Details21min 56s
Is Your 9-5 Impacting Your Mental Health?
Show Details11min 5s
5 Pieces of Career Advice to Ditch
Show Details12min 4s
How to Boost Your Office Confidence with Breanna Jackson
Show Details23min 32s
3 Tips to Prepare For An Interview
Show Details10min 15s
4 Tips For Finding A Community That Supports You
Show Details10min 18s
Don't Let Your Past Define You
Show Details9min 23s
How to Get Back on Track with Your Goals
Show Details8min 13s
The Importance of Self-Reflection for Your Career
Show Details9min 32s
10 Lessons About Change
Show Details12min 51s
Create Your Own Happiness and Live a Better Life
Show Details8min 2s
How to Master Self-Promotion
Show Details7min 13s
Creating a Powerful Personal Brand
Show Details11min 9s
How to Create Work-Life Balance and Start Thriving
Show Details11min 35s
How to Deal With Impostor Syndrome
Show Details9min 16s
Leave A Toxic Situation Behind
Show Details10min 14s
Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
Show Details9min 3s
You Don't Need A Title To Be A Leader
Show Details8min 50s
Hold Yourself Accountable and Reach Your Goals
Show Details10min 11s
Giving Yourself Time to Sit and Think
Show Details9min 28s
Starting Where You're At
Show Details8min 30s
How to Create Value and Achieve Your Goals in the Workplace
Show Details9min 7s
Surviving vs. Thriving - 4 Keys to Getting Out of Survival Mode
Show Details9min 21s
Embracing Constant Reinvention
Show Details5min 59s
Why You Need A Word of the Month
Show Details6min 41s
She Made It Happen Teaser Trailer
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