How to Create A Plan For Your Goals and Crush Them with Brittany Joy

Episode 26
15m | Dec 8, 2021

One area that is so important when you are starting to really focus on your goals is putting a good plan in place. A great plan helps you map out the steps that you need make your goals become reality. It also helps you get back on track if you get distracted or behind plan. I can’t say enough good things about planning!

This week I am so excited to welcome my friend Brittany Joy to share with us about building out a successful planning process to help achieve your goals. Brittany Joy is an educator, a fitness coach, a creative planner, and artist. She is on a mission to help people find balance and build vibrant lives by putting first things first and prioritizing their joy. Armed with her Happy Planner, sticky notes, and flair pens, she's here to share how she is building the life of her dreams!

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