Phil Bevin & Dave Roberts

59m | Dec 9, 2022

Phil Bevin and Dave Roberts joins Chris Williamson to take a look at the current state of the left in politics.

There is no reason to believe that any real leadership will come from Peace and Justice. Right now it looks like an entirely captured operation. This explains why it has chosen to focus on largely anodyne green matters, like billionaire funded Just Stop Oil. Given the way things are going, with the exposure of Bernie Sanders as a democrat stooge, Novara Media's tack towards Starmerism, Counterfire's increasing Labourism and Jeremy Corbyn's inability/unwillingness to carve out his space, he is at risk of becoming irrelevant.

The split on the left is between those prioritising Labourism to the point of dumping anti-imperialism. And those able to articulate an alternative view clearly. There is an electoral battleground to pick too. Corbyn risks alienating Muslim voters as a result of siding with Zionists. Meanwhile, he won't be let back into Labour.

So what's his role, strategically speaking? A peace and Justice party Could win Islington but the people around JC wouldn't countenance working with Galloway or Williamson. Nor do they know how to run a campaign that is anything other than an online data grab.

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