The Blue Lantern Project: A 21st century homeless solution - Resistance TV

54m | Jan 5, 2024

This week on Resistance TV, Steve Gower Independent Volunteer Advocate for the Homeless. Working in and around Gloucestershire joins Sian Bloor to talk about his Blue Lantern Project, which would see sustainable units placed in local areas to provide temporary accommodation and support services for the homeless.

He has also teamed up with local film makers to tell his story through a new documentary, ‘Black Dog Way’, which aims to shine a light on the “injustices” faced by thousands in England alone every year.

Through the Blue Lantern Project, Steve - who has experience of working in the construction industry - aims to build sustainable, live-in units as temporary accommodation, to eventually be replaced by permanent, eco-friendly homes. 

He has setup a Crowdfunder page to raise money for the project, which can be found at

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