Resistance Cast

Resist's weekly talk show from Youtube gets an audio version, Resistance Cast

Chris Williamson hosts A weekly discussion about socialism, peoples movements and causes.


Bob Gill and Chris Williamson, The Health Bill 2021
Show Details38min 58s
The Elephant In The Room EP.3: Corporate Crime
Show Details59min 49s
Elephant in the Room Ep.2 | How the Rich get Richer and Destroy Society
Show Details1hr 1min
Max Blumenthal, Richard Boyd Barrett and Chris Williamson on Palestine
Show Details1hr 2min
Elephant in the Room Ep.1 | Bloodsucker Capitalism
Show Details1hr 3min
Chris Williamson and Lizzie Fletcher, Local Elections round up
Show Details1hr 1min
Natalie Strecker - Israeli Apartheid
Show Details59min 41s
Extinction Rebellion - The Shell 7
Show Details58min 18s
Alexei Sayle
Show Details1hr 1min
Local Elections 2021 TUSC and Resist Candidates
Show Details45min 38s
Chris Williamson - Q&A
Show Details1hr
Dr Deepa Driver - Academic Freedom Should be Cherished not Crushed
Show Details1hr 1min
Tony Greenstein - Racism and apartheid must be defeated!
Show Details1hr 1min
Becky Clarke and Gloria Morrison - Miscarriages of Justice: The Joint Enterprise conundrum
Show Details59min
Max Blumenthal Interview
Show Details25min 34s
Dr Bob Gill - NHS: A Privateers' Treasure Trove
Show Details1hr 2min
Asa Winstanley - Ex-Israeli Spy in Keir Starmer's Office
Show Details1hr
Dave Nellist - Prospects for Socialism in the 21st Century
Show Details1hr 2min