• OT 4 Lyfe, 100 Episodes: The Good, the Bad, and Like Umm Ya Know the Ugly

    For this episode we listened to the 100th episode of podcast OT 4 Lyfe - 100 Episodes: The Good, the Bad, and Like Umm Ya Know the Ugly, listen to it here:

    100 Episodes: The Good, the Bad, and Like Umm Ya Know the Ugly | OT 4 Lyfe

    In the episode, host Sarah Putt and Occupied Podcast's host Brock Cook share their reflections on each having released 100 episodes. These are edited highlights of our chat inspired by them and their massive contribution to the world of OT podcasts

    29m - Jan 14, 2024
  • 99 Percent Invisible, Where Do We Go From Here?

    For this episode we listened to the 99 Percent Invisible podcast episode 412, Where Do We Go From Here? To listen to the episode, and for a lot more background information visit here:


    In the podcast, host Roman Mars and reporter Sandy Allen explore transgender and non-binary experiences of public toilets, as well as looking at the history of public toilets and more modern approaches to inclusive, universal design. These are edited highlights of our reflections inspired by their report

    36m - Dec 9, 2023
  • How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

    For this episode we listened to How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, a podcast which celebrates the things which haven't gone right, because from failure we can learn how to succeed better.

    Listen to it here:


    We were inspired by two episodes, her interviews with Nadiya Hussain and Andrew Scott. As you will hear we have become big fans of How to Fail, and mentioned several other episodes during our conversation. We talked about how we use and view failure in work, reframing and reflecting on experiences, and people finding their individual space in the world.

    E10 - 39m - Aug 11, 2021
  • OT Uncorked, Beyond COVID: Occupational Disruption and Wellbeing

    For this episode the OT Podcast Club listened to OT Uncorked episode 26 - Beyond COVID: Occupational Disruption and Wellbeing

    Listen to it here:


    The podcast features host Miranda talking to Anna and Emily, occupational therapists and team leaders at Beyond COVID, which can be found on:

    twitter @beyondcovid

    facebook https://www.facebook.com/beyondcovid/

    instagram @beyondcovid

    Our discussion touched on our reflections of how covid-19 has influenced both our professional and personal lives, but started with a discussion of the occupational nature of wine, inspired by the wine Miranda and her guests drink during each episode of OT Uncorked.

    During the conversation we mention the idea that we are in the same storm, but not all in the same boat, taken from a poem by Damien Barr


    We also discuss a framework published last year by RCOT to assist positive responses to change following crisis. This was inspired by the Future Change Framework published by the RSA and can be found here


    E9 - 41m - May 1, 2021
  • OT After Dark, Getting ex(PLISSIT) with Kate Burke

    For this episode the OT Podcast Club listened to OT After Dark episode 6.9 - Getting ex(PLISSIT) with Kate Burke

    Listen to it here:


    The podcast features hosts K and JJ talking to OT Kate Burke about three models which can be used to discuss sex and intimacy - the PLISSIT, ex(PLISSIT) and Recognition models.

    Our discussion touched on our experience and knowledge of these models as well as reflections we had about addressing sex and intimacy within our roles as occupational therapists.

    If you would like to explore these models further, OT After Dark provide the following references at https://otafterdark.com/references

    Annon, J. S. (1976).  The PLISSIT Model: A proposed conceptual scheme for the behavioral treatment of sexual problems. Journal of Sex Education and Therapies,  2(1), 1-15. 

    Couldrick, L., Sadio, G., & Cross, V. (2010). Proposing a new sexual health model of practice for disability teams: The Recognition Model. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 17(6), 290-299.

    Taylor, B., & Davis, S. (2007). The Extended PLISSIT Model for addressing the sexual wellbeing of Individuals with an acquired disability or chronic illness. Sex & Disability, 25, 135-139.   

    E8 - 19m - Mar 15, 2021
  • Lifestyle by Design, The Dark Side of Occupation with Dr. Rebecca “Bex” Twinley

    For this episode the OT Podcast Club listened to the Lifestyle by Design episode The Dark Side of Occupational Therapy with Dr Rebecca (Bex) Twinley

    Listen to it here:


    The podcast features host Karen Jacobs talking to Dr Twinley about her new book, Illuminating the Dark Side of Occupation

    Our discussion touched on our introduction to and experience of using the concepts within the dark side of occupation, alignment of values and engagement, professional blind spots, and respecting the diversity of all people.

    During the episode we also mention the Occupied podcast featuring Dr Twinley - episode 34. Listen to it here:


    If these podcasts pique your interest and you want to explore the dark side of occupation further, Dr Twinley's book would be a good next step:


    32m - Jan 28, 2021
  • Occupied, Is Occupational Balance BS?

    For this episode the OT Podcast Club listened to the Occupied episode 38, Is Occupational Balance BS, ft Alexis Joelle

    Listen to it here:


    In the episode Brock and Alexis discuss occupational balance and whether it is a useful concept, when compared with occupational engagement or occupational wellbeing.

    Our discussion led us through occupational balance, categorisation and wellbeing and on to thoughts about occupation focused practice, perceptions and expectations of occupations, and targeting our language and models to our audience.

    During the episode we mention a boat metaphor for occupational balance. This was inspired by Trevor Powell's ocean liner exercise for understanding stress, found in The Mental Health Handbook, A Cognitive Behavioural Approach (3rd edition), 2009

    E6 - 32m - Nov 18, 2020
  • OT & Chill, L.O.V.E. Let's Talk About Race

    For this episode we listened to the OT & Chill episode 11 L.O.V.E. Let's Talk About Race BLACKLIVESMATTER

    Listen to it here: https://anchor.fm/otandchill/episodes/Episode-11---L---O---V---E---Lets-Talk-About-Race-BLACKLIVESMATTER-ef10a5

    In this episode Kwaku gathered the thoughts and feelings of black and minority ethnic occupational therapists to begin a discussion about how we can increase diversity in the profession.

    These are edited highlights of our discussion which included exploration of our heritages and the effect these have had on our experiences, as well as our thoughts about continuing this conversation and how to move thoughts forwards to actions.

    During the discussion we referenced the following resources:

    Spencer, 2003, Four Levels of Context, p. 44 in Cole & Tufano's Applied Theories in Occupational Therapy

    Relational Activism:





    To continue the conversation follow BAMEOTUK on twitter:


    and watch their video podcasts on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK0bQkHUl0lCiXgrvn7Ig_A

    E5 - 28m - Oct 29, 2020
  • Occupied, Dev (they, them) and Brock (he, him) deep dive into gender, identity and stigma

    For this episode we had listened to the Occupied episode 74, Dev (they, them) and Brock (he, him) deep dive into gender, identity and stigma.

    Listen to it here: www.occupiedpodcast.com/074/

    Dev is an occupational therapist who has a lifelong mission for enhancing education, inclusion, representation, and advocacy for those within the LGBTQIA+ community, inside and outside of healthcare settings. They can be found on instagram @therainbowot or their website https://therainbowot.com/

    Our conversation ranged over a wide variety of topics including pronouns, toileting, occupational justice and the invention of a new word, all inspired by Dev and Brock's honest exploration of gender issues.

    During the discussion we mention the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland's LGBT+ Awareness and Practice Guidelines for Occupational Therapists which can be found here:


    E4 - 35m - Oct 8, 2020
  • OT & Chill, Attachment Styles with Lydia Guthrie

    For this OT Podcast Group we listened to the OT & Chill episode 12, Attachment Styles with Lydia Guthrie. Listen to it here:


    We were very lucky to have Lydia herself join us for the group, which definitely deepened our discussion. We covered reflections on our own experiences of attachment styles, cultural and current experiences which affect attachment, people's core needs, and how attachment theories might influence practice.

    E3 - 33m - Sep 8, 2020
  • OT Roundtable, Who is the Imposter?

    For this group we listened to the OT Roundtable podcast episode 3, Who is the Imposter? In this episode hosts Sarah Putt, Brock Cook and Michelle Amussen are joined by Alondra Ammon, to discuss their experiences and knowledge of imposter syndrome. Listen to it here:


    Our conversation developed around themes of definition, belonging, feedback, normalisation and the influence of the environment.

    E2 - 24m - Aug 18, 2020
  • Occupied, OT4OT

    In this episode we were inspired by the Occupied podcast episode Online Technology for Occupational Therapy, listen to it here:


    In the episode, voted in the top 4 of Occupied episodes last year, Brock Cook chats with Anita Hamilton, an expert and leader in the space of OT's utilising online technology. Anita has been a massive proponent of the OT4OT group who founded and continue to help facilitate the whole range of 4OT facebook communities.

    Our conversation ranged from talking about student experiences and learning, OT4OT itself and other uses of technology, social media more generally, the impact of covid-19 and our first experiences of joining a podcast club.

    E1 - 22m - Jul 28, 2020
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