Lifestyle by Design, The Dark Side of Occupation with Dr. Rebecca “Bex” Twinley

32m | Jan 28, 2021

For this episode the OT Podcast Club listened to the Lifestyle by Design episode The Dark Side of Occupational Therapy with Dr Rebecca (Bex) Twinley

Listen to it here:

The podcast features host Karen Jacobs talking to Dr Twinley about her new book, Illuminating the Dark Side of Occupation

Our discussion touched on our introduction to and experience of using the concepts within the dark side of occupation, alignment of values and engagement, professional blind spots, and respecting the diversity of all people.

During the episode we also mention the Occupied podcast featuring Dr Twinley - episode 34. Listen to it here:

If these podcasts pique your interest and you want to explore the dark side of occupation further, Dr Twinley's book would be a good next step:

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